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A comparison of the consolidated bank statements of December 3rd, 1907, with a similar consolidation of a year ago shows a substantial increase in the principal items of resources and liabilities, to-wit:

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By the aid of the Abstract of Reports of National Banks, furnished this office through the courtesy of the Comptroller of the Currency, Table "D," which follows, has been compiled. It exhibits the aggregates of the principal items of resources and liabilities of all banks doing business in Wisconsin on December 3rd, 1907, as compared with similar aggregates on November 12th, 1906, and shows the increase in the several items named, to-wit:

Table D.

Compilation of resources and liabilities of National, State and Savings
Banks located in Wisconsin.

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Tota 164 72 $90, 164,209 11 $90,459,989 31 $99,629,048 29 $114,308,381 52 $124,323,751 84

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Tot 164 72 $90, 164, 209 11 $90, 459,989 31 $99,629,048 29 $114,308,381 52 $124,323,751 84

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The paid in capital of the eleven trust companies has been increased from $2,111,650.00 on November 12th, 1906, to $2,260,000.00 on December 3rd, 1907, the surplus fund from $213,250.00 to $241,200.00 and the total resources from $7,717,164.12 to $10,203,335.08. Statements of the several trust companies and an abstract of the same follow the bank statements in this report.


It is very gratifying indeed to report that during the period. of twelve months covered by this report, which includes two months of the currency stringency period, which in some respects was the worst ever experienced in this country, but one of the four hundred and ninety-four financial institutions under the supervision of this department required any special action on part of the state banking department, viz: The Farmers Bank of Cuba City. The cause of the embarrassment to this institution was due to loose business methods and carelessness in making loans. The stock-holders, however, with the assistance of this department are in a fair way to get the bank in condition to resume business without loss to depositors. It is also a great satisfaction to report that it is now more than three years since we had a failure of a state bank in Wisconsin, where depositors suffered any loss.

From year to year, it becomes more apparent that banks ought to be examined oftener than once each year as now is the practice, but without additional examiners it is a physical impossibility to make more than one examination each year, and give proper attention to the special work which is also increasing every year, as the institutions to be examined multiply in number and the volume of business increases. It may be interesting in this connection to draw a few comparisons showing how the work of the banking department has increased since its or

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