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State Banking Department



To the Honorable JAMES O. DAVIDSON,

Governor of Wisconsin.

SIR: In compliance with law, I submit herewith the thirteenth annual report of the state banking department, showing the condition of four hundred and twenty-seven (427) state banks, two (2) mutual savings banks, and eleven (11) trust companies doing business in this state on December 3rd, 1907, the date of the last statement rendered by them, together with abstracts of the statements and other information required.

Thirty-two state banks were organized and chartered during the year covered by this report, three banks left the jurisdiction of this department and became national banks, five banks voluntarily liquidated and paid depositors in full. One bank was placed in the hands of the commissioner of banking, as provided in section 24 of chapter 2 of the banking law, making a net gain in number of state banks for the year, twenty-three. The

[blocks in formation]

The following three banks surrendered their state charter and re-organized as national banks, to-wit:

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Genoa Junction..

Birchwood State Bank
First State Bank of.
Bauk of Genoa Junction.
State Bank of Gillett.

$10,000 00

Nov. 26, 1906

25,000 00

Mar. 13, 1907

5,000 00

Sep. 16, 1907

25.000 00

Aug. 26, 1907

The Farmers Bank of Cuba City, capital $7,500.00, was placed in the hands of the commissioner of banking, as provided in section 24, chapter 2 of the banking law, on September 26th, 1907.

The statement as shown on the books of the bank on that date was as follows:

[blocks in formation]

The stockholders of this bank expect to make good all losses, will re-organize the institution, increase the capital, and place the bank in a safe and sound condition again.


Sixteen state banks increased their capital from an aggregate of $370,000.00 to $704,600.00, the amount of the increase being $334,600.00 as shown in the following list, to-wit:

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The summary of gain and loss in the capital stock is presented.

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Being a net gain of $833,600.00 in capitalization during the twelve months.


Abstracts of the five reports called for during the year from state and savings banks and abstracts of the annual reports for the last thirteen years afford an interesting comparison of the growth of the business. They are submitted in Tables "A" and "B" which follow:

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