Denver Medical Times, Volume 4

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s.l., 1885
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Page 207 - WATCHMAN, tell us of the night, What its signs of promise are. Traveller, o'er yon mountain's height See that glory-beaming star ! Watchman, does its beauteous ray Aught of hope or joy foretell ? Traveller, yes ; it brings the day, Promised day of Israel. 2 Watchman, tell us of the night ; Higher yet that star ascends.
Page 367 - ... splint immovably in its correct position with reference to the radial curve. To neglect of complete primary reduction of the displacement of the lower fragment, and to inefficient restoration and retention of the normal radial curve, are due -the frequent unfortunate sequences of this fracture. The splint is made of copper, so as to be readily conformable by bending to suit the peculiarities of size and form of forearms.
Page 26 - SEXUAL NEURASTHENIA, (NERVOUS EXHAUSTION ) ITS HYGIENE, CAUSES, SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT, WITH A CHAPTER ON DIET FOR THE NERVOUS. By GEORGE M. BEARD, AM, MD, formerly Lecturer on Nervous Diseases in the University of the City of New York ; Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine ; Author of "Our Home Physician," "Hay Fever;" one of the Authors of " Medical and Surgical Electricity,
Page 152 - ... distribution of diseases and their modifications in different districts. It will be its endeavor to place clearly before the •whole profession the limits and defects of existing knowledge, as well as to stimulate observation, and to give it a definite direction. It will be a not unimportant incidental result of its work should it tend, as is hoped, to the better training of the members of the profession in habits of scientific and practical observation, and in systematic methods of recording...
Page 25 - DRUGS AND MEDICINES OF NORTH AMERICA: A Quarterly Devoted to the Historical and Scientific Discussion of the Botany, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Therapeutics of the Medicinal Plants of North America — their Constituents, Products and Sophistications.
Page 367 - In the treatment of fracture of the lower end of the radius it is essential that proper allowance be made for the curvature of the anterior or palmar surface of this part of the bone. This is insured in the splint which I have devised, which follows correctly the radial curvature ; and the fixing of the thenar and hypothenar eminences of the hand in their moulded beds, maintains the splint immovably in its. correct position with reference to the radial curve.
Page 367 - ... flannel is all that is necessary for its lining. No dorsal splint is needed, but, as before referred to, a small pad will, in most cases, be required over the dorsal surface of the lower fragment. For retention of the splint an ordinary bandage, two inches and a half to three inches wide, is all that is necessary.
Page 243 - The child is now left and the attention is given to the mother. After the mother is properly cared for, the child receives attention. By this time the pulsations in the cord have long since ceased. The cord is now cut and the blood is "stripped" out of the stump, but neither end is ligated.
Page 153 - The value of such work in the past we in no way underrate, nor do we desire to lessen the amount of it in the future ; but in medical science there is much that defies interpretation from individual experience, and many problems so far-reaching in an ever-widening field, with elements so manifold, that no single man, however gifted and long-lived, can hope to bring the whole within his range. The need, therefore, in medicine, of that combination and concentration of individual work which is adopted...
Page 125 - The duration of labor after version is between one half an hour and eleven hours, the average being one or two hours. The mortality for the children by this procedure is very great, but the chances for the mother are better. The mortality for the children is, however, no greater than by the old operation. The causes of the great mortality of the mother under the use of the continuous tamponade is the infection through the blood and other matters adhering to the tampon.

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