A lost name, Volume 2; Volume 56

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Page 127 - Though he heap up silver as the dust, and prepare raiment as the clay, he may prepare it, but the just shall put it on, and the innocent shall divide the silver.
Page 227 - A snake's small eye blinks dull and shy, And the lady's eyes they shrunk in her head, Each shrunk up to a serpent's eye, And with somewhat of malice, and more of dread, At Christabel she looked askance!
Page 124 - NON era ancor di là Nesso arrivato, Quando noi ci mettemmo per un bosco, Che da nessun sentiero era segnato. Non frondi verdi, ma di color fosco ; Non rami schietti, ma nodosi e involti ; Non pomi v
Page 136 - O that I had wings like a dove, then would I flee away and be at rest — Ps.
Page 127 - This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of oppressors, which they shall receive of the Almighty.
Page 123 - A groan, as of a troubled ghost, renew'd My fright, and then these dreadful words ensued: 'Why dost thou thus my buried body rend? O spare the corpse of thy unhappy friend!
Page 196 - Who ever sat silent, his sword in his hand, Their sports and their pleasures despising. " Now hear me, thou gallant young warrior, now hear ! If still thou disdain'st what we proffer, With dagger and knife from thy breast will we tear Oh ! glad was the knight when he heard the cock crow ! His enemies trembled and left him : Else must he have stayed upon Elver's Hoh, And the witches of life had bereft him.
Page 96 - Somtyme with the lord of Palatye, Ageyn another hethen in Turkye : And evermore he hadde a sovereyn prys. And though that he were worthy, he was wys, And of his port as meke as is a mayde. He never yet no vileinye ne sayde In al his lyf, un-to no maner wight. He was a verray parfit gentil knight.
Page 123 - I pulled a plant (with horror I relate A prodigy so strange, and full of fate); The rooted fibres rose, and from the wound, Black bloody drops distilled upon the ground. Mute and amazed, my hair with terror stood; 40 Fear shrunk my sinews, and congealed my blood.
Page 218 - cat will mew, the dog will have his day ;

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