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"11. The costs chargeable or to be awarded in any case Taxation may be the costs of witnesses and of procuring their attendance and none other, the same to be taxed according to the allowance in such court for such costs; and in case where execution issues the costs thereof as in the like court and of enforcing the same may also be collected thereunder;


"12. The clerk of the district court shall, at the request Filing of of the commission or any party interested, file the orders and decisions of the commission in the same manner as if they were orders or decisions of the court;


"13. Subject to the provisions hereinafter contained Decision the decision of the commission shall be final and conclusive in every case adjudicated upon;

case of school

"14. Where the ground of appeal was that the appellant Appeal in or some other person was wrongly assessed as a public supporter or separate school supporter, an appeal shall lie from the commission to the Court of Appeal;

"15. The procedure on such appeal shall be the same Procedure as is or may be provided on an appeal from a final order. judgment or decision of the district court in a civil action."


12. Subsection (2) of section 27C is repealed and the Section 270 following substituted therefor:

"(2) Amounts so added shall form part of the taxes."

New section

13. Section 274a, as enacted by section 12 of chapter 274a 36 of the statutes of 1920, is repealed and the following substituted therefor:


“274a.—(1) All taxes due at the date of the organisa- Taxes due on tion of a village on lands comprised within its limits, or due at the date of the addition on lands added to a village, shall be collected by the village, and the treasurer of the rural municipality shall, as soon as possible after such organisation, furnish the secretary treasurer of the village with a statement showing the total taxes outstanding on each parcel, together with the names of the persons by whom such taxes are payable and the years for which they are due.

"(2) One-half of the amounts thus collected shall be paid over to the council of the rural municipality.

"(3) The village shall collect all arrears of school taxes on the lands mentioned in subsection (1) and shall pay the same over to the rural municipality as they are collected, and shall also pay to the rural municipality a portion of the school taxes levied for the year in which the village is erected sufficient to reimburse the rural

New sections 277a and 277b

Recovery of fines

Disposal of fines

Coming into force

municipality for any payments which may have been made by it to the school district for that year.

"(4) The village shall collect all arrears of supplementary revenue taxes, public revenue taxes and wild lands taxes on such lands and shall forward the amounts collected to the Provincial Treasurer in the manner required by the respective Acts under which such taxes are or have been levied and subject to the provisions of those Acts."

14. The following sections are inserted after section 277:

"277a. All fines, penalties and forfeitures mentioned in this Act may be recovered and enforced with costs on summary conviction before a justice of the peace.

"2776. All moneys accruing from fines or penalties under this Act shall unless otherwise provided belong to the consolidated fund of the province."

15. This Act shall come into force on the first day of March, 1922.


An Act to amend The Rural Municipality Act.


[Assented to February 9, 1922.]

IS Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, enacts

as follows:

1. The Rural Municipality Act is amended in the Rev. Stat. manner hereinafter set forth.

c. 89


2. Paragraph 9 of section 2, as enacted by section 2 of Section 2 chapter 37 of the statutes of 1920, is repealed and the following substituted therefor:

"9. 'Hawker' or 'pedler' means a person who:
"(a) goes from house to house selling or offering for
sale goods, wares or merchandise; or

"(b) carries and exposes for sale goods, wares or
merchandise; or

"(c) carries and exposes samples or patterns of goods,

wares or merchandise or specimens of work
done, cuts or blue prints for purposes of sale
by such samples, patterns, specimens, cuts or
blue prints, and upon the understanding that
such goods, wares or merchandise will afterwards
be delivered in the municipality to any person
who is not a wholesale or retail dealer therein;


"(d) sells goods, wares or merchandise upon the public highways;

notwithstanding that the sale includes an agreement regarding the erection, construction or installation of, or other work to be performed in connection with, such or similar goods, wares or merchandise, or an agreement to use artistic or mechanical skill in the production of the goods, wares or merchandise to be delivered; but does not include:

"(e) any person selling newspapers, magazines, books, farm implements, lumber, coal, lightning rods, pianos, organs, automobiles, tombstones or nursery stock;

"(f) any farmer selling products of his own farm;

"Hawker" or "pedler"

Section 47 amended

Section 52 amended

Section 70 amended

Section 96 amended

Section 101 amended

"(g) any person selling fish of his own catching;
"(h) the bona fide servant or employee of any such
person or farmer having written authority to
sell; or

"(i) any merchant selling or offering for sale goods,
wares or merchandise which he ordinarily deals.
in, if he has a recognised place of business in the
municipality and pays a tax on his stock in

3.-(1) Subsection (1) of section 47 is repealed and the following substituted therefor:

"47.-(1) Every council may pass a resolution for paying the members in addition to the remuneration mentioned in section 46, a sum not exceeding $5 per diem for the reeve and $4 per diem for a councillor for every day necessarily occupied and ten cents per mile for every mile necessarily travelled, by them respectively in inspecting roads, bridges or public works in and for the municipality, or in performing work or services upon or in connection therewith, but no allowance shall be made for more than fifteen days in any one year."

(2) The following is inserted after subsection (2) of the said section 47:

"(2a) No payment shall be made under this section until the reeve or councillor claiming payment has filed with the secretary of the municipality an account of the work done or services performed, and until a resolution has been passed by the council authorising payment."

4. Section 52 is amended by adding thereto the following subsection:

"(2) In the event of the number of members of the council being reduced by resignation or otherwise below the number required to constitute a quorum, the minister may appoint a returning officer and fix a date for an election to fill the vacancies."

5. Subsection (2) of section 70 is amended by striking out the words "and a half" in the second line.

6. Section 96 is amended by inserting before "municipal" in the second line the word "first."

7. (1) Subsection (4) of section 101 is amended by inserting after the word "thereby" in the second line the words "and shall not vote in any other division."

(2) Subsection (7) of the said section 101 is amended by striking out the words "which he has not selected" in the second and third lines and substituting the words "other than the division which he has selected."


8. Section 102 is amended by striking out the words Section 102 "and that she resides with him on such land" at the end of paragraph 2 of subsection (1) and substituting therefor the words "and that she resides with him on land in the municipality."


9.-(1) Section 168 is amended by inserting the follow- Section 168 ing as paragraph 7a:

"7a. Granting aid for the erection of a memorial to War soldiers who have fallen in the war."

(2) Paragraph 34 of section 168 is repealed and the following substituted therefor:



"34. In regard to the erection of buildings other than Structure and residences situated on farms and farm buildings and in of buildings particular for:

"(a) regulating the construction, classification, alteration, conversion and repair, demolition or removal of such buildings;

"(b) regulating the size and strength of brick, stone, hollow tile, cement and concrete walls, columns and piers and the beams, joists, rafters, roofs and their supports in all such buildings;

"(c) determining the minimum distance of such buildings from the street line and the minimum. space to be allowed between buildings and the side lines of the lots upon which they are constructed;

"(d) authorising the pulling down or removal, at the expense of the owner, of any building or erection. constructed, altered, repaired or placed in contravention of any bylaw."

(3) The said section 168, as amended by section 11 of chapter 37 of the statutes of 1920, is further amended by adding thereto the following paragraphs:


"36. Regulating the size, structure, number and con- Public struction of doors in churches, theatres, halls and other places of public meeting or places of amusement and the street gates leading thereto, the size and structure of stairs and stair railings in such buildings and the method of lighting them.

"37. Subject to the provisions of The Factories Act, Fire escapes compelling the owners and occupants of buildings more than two storeys in height, except private dwellings, to provide proper fire escapes therefor in such places and of such pattern and mode of construction as may be deemed proper; and prohibiting the occupation of any such building unless or until such fire escapes are provided.


"38. The prevention of fires in and about buildings Fire preother than residences situated on farms and farm buildings and in particular:

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