Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan, Part 2

Front Cover
W. S. George, 1899
Includes regular and extra sessions.


Amending act relative to dissection in certain cases for the advancement
Amending act to regulate the catching of fish
Amending act relative to incorporation of all manufacturing companies
Water closet accommodation for workmen on buildings during construction
Amending act relative to county treasurers furnishing transcripts
Amending act relative to assessment of property and levy and collection
Amending act relative to highways bridges private roads and ferries
Amending act relative to the incorporation of villages
Appropriation for Michigan Pioneer and Historical society
Amending act relative to contempt proceedings to enforce civil remedies
Amending act relative to prevention of cruelty to animals
Protection of mourning doves
Amending act relative to the admission of certain poor persons to aslyums
Amending act relative to marriage and the solemnization thereof
Suppression of mob violence
To regulate the sale of Process butter
Amending act relative to authorizing proceedings against garnishees etc
Amending act relative to assessment of property and levy and collection
To provide a tax to meet the appropriations for expenses of State government
Amending act relative to incorporation of railroad companies
Amending act relative to trial of issues of fact
Amending act relative to incorporation of societies for receiving loaning
Concurrent resolutions 493501
Amendments to the constitution 5034

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Page xxviii - When the transfer is of property made by a resident or by a nonresident when such nonresident's property is within this state, by deed, grant, bargain, sale or gift made in contemplation of the death of the grantor, vendor or donor, or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment at or after such death.
Page 198 - ... be seized, taken, appropriated, or applied by any legal or equitable process, or operation of law to pay any debt or liability of a member or beneficiary, or any other person who may have a right thereunder, either before or after payment.
Page 372 - Discipline, usage, and ministerial appointments of said Church as from time to time authorized and declared by the General Conference of said Church, and the Annual Conference in whose bounds the said premises are situate.'1 * 2.
Page 500 - All compensation for services and expenses provided for in this act shall be paid by the state treasurer upon the warrant of the auditor general...
Page 467 - Statutes, have power, 1. To cause such examination and surveys for its proposed railroad to be made, as may be necessary to the selection of the most advantageous route...
Page 462 - No association shall make any loan or discount on the security of the shares of its own capital stock, nor be the purchaser or holder of any such shares, unless such security or purchase shall be necessary to prevent loss upon a debt previously contracted in good faith...
Page 378 - It shall be the duty of the board to examine all applications for registration submitted in proper form ; to grant certificates of registration to such persons as may be entitled to the same under the provisions of this act...
Page 307 - ... court having jurisdiction of an accounting by him, to make an apportionment, if the case require it, of the sum to be paid into his hands by such legatees, and for such further order relative thereto as the case may require.
Page 314 - ... and not as the property or interest therein passing or transferred to individual legatees, devisees, heirs, next of kin, grantees, donees or vendees, and...
Page 333 - The main suction, or trunk pipe, shall be below the polishing or buffing wheels and as close to the same as possible and to be either upon the floor or beneath the floor on which the machines are placed to which such wheels are attached. All bends, turns or elbows in such pipes must be made with easy smooth surfaces having a radius in the throat of not less than two diameters of the pipe on which they are connected. SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of any factory inspector, sheriff, constable or prosecuting...

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