Life of Schamyl: And Narrative of the Circassian War of Independence Against Russia

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J. P. Jewett, 1856 - 300 pages

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Page 174 - Have then thy wish!' — He whistled shrill, And he was answered from the hill ; Wild as the scream of the curlew, From crag to crag the signal flew. Instant, through copse and heath, arose Bonnets and spears and bended bows : On right, on left, above, below, Sprung up at once the lurking foe...
Page 1 - Caucasus, a range of mountains which, running in the direction between north-west and south-east, extends from the shores of the Black Sea to those of the Caspian, and divides by its wall of rock the two continents of Europe and Asia.
Page 265 - But if the weeds be more than the roses, shall we, instead of hoeing them out, suffer them till they choke the noble flowers ? And if the enemies be more than we, shall we, instead of hewing them down, suffer them till they take us in their snares ? Say not, The enemy has conquered Tscherkei, and destroyed Akhulgo, and taken possession of Avaria. When the lightning strikes one tree, do all the others therefore bow their heads and cast themselves down, lest it strike them also ? О ye of little faith...
Page 171 - This man was a perpetual terror to the Northern races. Children grew quiet at the name of Sass. He was superseded in command, however, by Williamenoff; who, in 1837, proceeded to break the spirits of the mountaineers by words such as these : " Russia has conquered France, put her sons to death, and made captives of her daughters. England will never give any aid to the Circassians, because she depends on Russia for her daily bread. There are only two powers in the universe, — God in heaven and the...
Page 200 - Ve have seen how small was the number of our warriors in comparison with the hosts of the enemy, and yet they gave way to us, for strength is with the believers. The Russians have taken Akhnlgo and have razed its walls. Allah permitted this, to chastise you for your unbelief, for hi' knows what you think, and all your projects.
Page 134 - ... squire, according to the general custom of this people, divested me of the whole of my weapons, and hung them up on the walls of the room with those of his master, except the poniard, which a Circassian never parts with, being considered a part of his costume. How like the warriors of ancient Greece ! And now with friendly force his hand he grasped, Then led him in within his palace halls ; His coat of mail, and glittering helm unclasped, And hung the splendid armour on the walls ; For there,...
Page 265 - Wherefore have ye doubted the truth of my mission, and listened more to the threats of the enemy than to my admonitions ? Was it I who united together the tribes of the mountains, or was it the power of God working through me in wonders ? Believe not that God is with the many. He is with the good, and the good are always fewer than the bad.

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