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Biennial report.

a bond in the penal sum of five thousand dollars, with sureties to be approved by the auditor general, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office. The commissioner shall make a biennial report to the governor, which report shall contain the name and compensation of each and every person that may be or has been employed by the department, and the whole amount of the expenses of the department in the interim not previously reported. Such report shall be made on or before the first day of February, nineteen hundred nine, and every two years thereafter, and the commissioner shall have printed a sufficient number of these reports to provide every township highway commissioner and county road commissioner in the state with a copy, and such further number as may be necessary to satisfy the demand that the public weal may warrant.

Am. 1913, Act 355.


Number of wards, how




[Extract from Act 215, P. A. 1895.]



(542) § 2976. SECTION 1. The wards established by the council as provided in section ten, chapter one of this act, and the wards established in any incorporated city at the time of its reincorporation under the provisions of this act, shall continue to be the wards of such city, until changed by the legislature.

For the provisions of the so-called "Home Rule" act for cities, see act 279 of 1909, as amended by acts 81 and 203 of 1911. For proceedings for incorporation of fourth class cities previous to the enactment of the "Home Rule" act, see sections 2956-69, C. L., 1897.

(543) § 2977. SEC. 2. Any city having a population of apportioned. less than five thousand inhabitants may be divided into three wards. If it contains a population of five thousand or upwards it may be divided into four wards, and an additional ward for every additional two thousand inhabitants above five thousand and up to ten thousand. But any city having, at the time of its being brought under or subject to the provisions of this act, a greater number of wards in proportion to its population than above mentioned, shall not be required to diminish the number of its existing wards.


aldermen or

(544) § 2978. SEC. 3. No election of aldermen or ward Change of officers shall be held in any newly established ward, or in any not to affect ward, on account of changes in the boundaries thereof, pre- ward officers. vious to the next annual city election; nor shall the office of any alderman or other officer elected in any ward be vacated by reason of any change in such ward; but any such alderman and other officer shall, during the remainder of his term, continue in office and to represent the ward including the place of his residence at the time of the change of the boundaries of the ward, unless the office become vacant for some other


aldermen in

(545) § 2979. SEC. 4. When by the creation of a new Terms of ward two aldermen are to be elected therein at the same time, new wards. one of them shall be elected for one year, and one for two years, and the term of each shall be designated on the ballot.




(546) § 2980. SECTION 1. The inhabitants of cities hav- Who deemed ing the qualifications of electors under the constitution of the state, and no others, shall be electors therein, and every elector shall vote in the ward or election district where he shall have resided during the twenty days next preceding the day of election. The residence of any elector, not being a Residence of householder, shall be deemed to be in the ward or election district in which is located his regular place of lodging.

See sections 1 and 87, and notes.

Warren v. Bd. of Registration, 72/405; Menton v. Cook, 147/540.


divide wards

(547) § 2981. SEC. 2. The council of any city having Council may more than six hundred and fifty electors in any ward of the into voting city, according to the poll list of the last preceding election, precincts. shall cause such ward to be divided into two or more voting districts. The manner of making such division, the creation of election inspectors and boards of registration therein, and all matters pertaining to such division and the holding of elections in such districts, not covered by the provisions of this chapter, shall be provided for by the council making such division.




(548) § 2982. SEC. 3. The aldermen of each ward shall Aldermen to constitute the board of registration therein, except as in this board of act otherwise provided. If, by reason of a change of bound- registration. ary of any ward, or the formation of a new ward, or the Additional formation of more than one election district in a ward, or other cause, there shall not be any or a sufficient number of aldermen representing such ward or residing within each election district, to constitute a board of registration of two

persons, the council shall supply the vacancy or appoint a Compensation. board of registration for the ward or election district. The members composing such board of registration shall receive two dollars per day as compensation.

Board of registration to meet and

arrange names of electors.

Board to make new register.

Notice of, to be given.

Each ward to be an election district.

When board
of registration
to sit.

See general law for registration in cities, sections 85-91.

(549) § 2983. SEC. 4. When changes shall be made in any ward or wards, or a new ward shall be formed in whole or in part from the territory of other wards, or when a ward shall be divided into voting districts, the boards of registration of the respective wards or voting districts affected by the change shall meet previous to the time prescribed by law for giving notice of their sessions preceding the next election, and the name of each registered elector known to have been transferred by such change from one ward to another ward, or to a new ward, or from one voting district to another. shall be copied into the register of the ward or district to which the transfer was made, and be stricken from the reg ister of the ward or district from which the elector was transferred by the change.

(550) § 2984. SEC. 5. When a new ward or voting district shall be formed, the board of registration thereof, at its session next preceding the next election therein, shall make or complete a new register of the electors residing therein, and for that purpose shall remain in session two days, and notice of the formation of such ward or district. and that a new register of the electors will be made at that session, shall be given with the notice required by law to be given of such session of the board.

(551) § 2985. SEC. 6. Each ward, unless otherwise subdivided, shall be an election district. On the Saturday next preceding a general election, and on the Saturday next preceding the day of the regular city election, or any special election, and on such other days as shall be appointed by the council, not exceeding three days in all, previous to any such election, the several boards of registration for the city, except as in this act otherwise provided, shall be in session at such places in their several wards as shall be designated, as hereinafter provided, from eight o'clock in the forenoon until eight o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of completing the lists of the qualified voters; during which session it shall fied elector to be the right of each person then actually residing in the ward or voting district, and who, at the then next approaching election may be a qualified elector and whose name is not already registered, to have his name entered in the register of such ward or voting district.

Each quali

have his name registered.

When council to fix place

where board to meet.

(552) § 2986. SEC. 7. At least two weeks previous to the commencement of any such session of the several boards of registration, the council shall fix the place in each ward and voting district of the city where the board of registration

will meet, and at least eight days before such session of the How notice of, board the city clerk shall give notice by handbills posted in to be given. ten public places in each ward or voting district, and by publication in one or more newspapers printed in the city, of the time and place in each ward or voting district when and where the board of registration for such ward and voting district will meet. Except as in this act otherwise provided, General laws the general laws of this state relating to the registration of to apply to electors in cities shall apply to the registration of electors in cities incorporated under or made subject to the provisions of this act.


to make re


(553) § 2987. SEC. 8. The boards of registration in cities When board incorporated under this act at their sessions previous registration. to the general election in November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six, shall make a reregistration of the qualified electors of their respective wards, in books of the form provided by law. The same rules shall be old register observed in such reregistration as are provided by law for not to be the registration of electors in cities; and a like reregistration of the electors of each ward shall be made at the session of the board next preceding the general election, in the year nineteen hundred, and every fourth year thereafter. When such new registry shall be made the former registry of electors shall not be used, nor shall any person vote at any election in such ward after such reregistration unless his name shall be registered in such new register. Notice that such reregistra- When notice tion is required to be made shall be given with the notice of the meeting or session of the board at which it is to be made. given.

of reregistration to be



officers to be

hold but two

to be elected.

(554) § 2988. SECTION 1. In cities incorporated under What city, this act the following city officers, [viz.] namely, a mayor, elected. city clerk, city treasurer, and two justices of the peace, shall be elected by the qualified voters of the whole city: Pro-Treasurer to vided, That no person shall be eligible to the office of city terms. treasurer for more than two terms in succession. (555) 2989. SEC. 2. In each ward a supervisor, two Ward officers aldermen and a constable shall be elected: Provided, That the council of any city reincorporated under and made subject to the provisions of this act, which at the time of such reincorporation shall have but two wards, may provide by ordinance for the election of two additional aldermen, to be known as aldermen at large, and to be elected by the qualified electors of the whole city. At the first election held under this act one of such aldermen shall be elected for a term of one year and one for a term of two years, and annually thereafter one shall be elected for a term of two years.

Att'y Gen. v. Coggshall, 107/181; Ostrander v. Supervisors, 111/65.

City officers to be appointed by mayor.

Council may provide for appointments of other officers.

(556) § 2990. SEC. 3. The following officers shall be appointed by the mayor, by and with the consent of the council, [viz.] namely, a city attorney, city marshal, street commissioner, city surveyor, a city assessor when provided for, and a chief engineer of the fire department. The council may also, from time to time, provide by ordinance for the appointment of, for such term as may be provided in the ordinance, such other officers whose election or appointment is not herein specially provided for, as the council shall deem necessary for the execution of the powers granted by this act. Appointments All such appointments shall be made by the mayor, by and with the consent of the council, and their powers and duties shall be prescribed by ordinance, but the mayor shall have no vote in the council on the question of his appointments of above named officers.

to be made

with consent of council.

When appointments

to be made.

What officers

to be elected


Terms of aldermen, how arranged.

When to elect justices of peace.

(557) § 2991. SEC. 4. Appointments to office, except appointments to fill vacancies, shall be made on the first Monday of May in each year; but appointments which for any cause shall not be made on that day may be made by the mayor and confirmed at any subsequent regular meeting of the council.

(558) § 2992. SEC. 5. At the first election held in any at first elec- city incorporated under this act, two justices of the peace shall be elected; also two aldermen in each ward, but in cities reincorporated under this act, the aldermen elected under the former corporation shall continue in office for the term for which they were elected; and, at such first election, such number of aldermen only shall be elected, as with those continuing in office as aforesaid, shall make the requisite number of aldermen as required by this act, and the terms of the aldermen first elected as aforesaid shall be so arranged that one alderman for each ward shall be elected annually thereafter. In all such cities reincorporated under the provisions of this act, the then existing justices of the peace shall hold their offices until the fourth day of July next after such first election, and no longer, and at such first election two justices of the peace shall be elected, one for the term of two years and one for the term of four years from the fourth day of July next thereafter, and the term for which each is elected shall be designated upon the ballots cast for him, and biennially thereafter one justice of the peace shall be elected for a term of four years: Provided, That whenever any city reincorporated under this act shall at the time of such reincorporation have but two justices of the peace, whether elected by wards, districts, or by the city at large, such justices shall hold their respective offices until the expiration of the term for which they were respectively elected, and thereafter their successors shall be elected for the term of four years as provided in this act.

Terms of office of.


Terms of

office of certain city officers.

(559) § 2993. SEC. 6. The mayor, city clerk, city treasurer, supervisors and constables shall hold their offices for the term of one year from the second Monday in April of the

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