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Columbus day declared holiday.

Proviso, commercial paper, etc.

An Act designating the twelfth day of October of each year as a public holiday, to be known as "Columbus day."

[Act 258, P. A. 1909.]

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

(678) SECTION 1. The twelfth day of October of the year nineteen hundred nine, and the twelfth day of October of each year thereafter is hereby declared a public holiday to be known as "Columbus day" and the same shall be recognized, classed and treated as other legal holidays under the laws of this state: Provided, That this act shall not be construed to affect commercial paper, the making or execution of agreements or instruments in writing, or interfere with judicial proceedings.

Terms of office.


An Act to fix the term of office of members of city and ward political committees in cities having a population of over three hundred fifty thousand inhabitants.

[Act 91, P. A. 1913.]

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

(679) SECTION 1. The terms of office of all members of any city or ward committee of any political party in any city of this state having a population of over three hundred fifty thousand inhabitants shall be for two years from and after the first day of January next following their election, or until their successors are elected and qualified, and the present members of said committees shall continue in office until the first day of January in the year nineteen hundred fifteen.

State central


An Act to provide for the election of state central.committees of the several political parties in Michigan, and to repeal all acts and parts of acts contravening the provisions of this act.

[Act 231, P. A. 1915.]

The People of the State of Michigan enact: (680)

SECTION 1. At the first state convention held by any how elected. political party within this state in the year nineteen hundred sixteen, at the first state convention of such political party in the year nineteen hundred seventeen and at the first state convention of such political party in every second year after nineteen hundred seventeen, a state central committee for


such political party shall be selected, which committee shall consist of a chairman and two members from each congressional district: Provided, That the two members from each Proviso, congressional district shall be nominated by the delegates to said state convention from said congressional district. At the first meeting of the committee so chosen the committee shall proceed to elect a secretary and a treasurer.

(681) SEC. 2. In the event of any vacancy occurring in Vacancy. the membership of such state central committee, such committee shall have power to fill such vacancy.

Sec. 3 repeals all acts or parts of acts contravening.

An Act relative to dividing city school districts into election precincts, to provide for the registration of voters and for the holding of elections therein.

[Act 275, P. A. 1915.]

The People of the State of Michigan enact:


(682) SECTION 1. The board of education of any school Board may district composed in whole or in part of territory situated in district. any city in this state may divide said district into such number of voting precincts as shall be necessary, and shall provide for the registration of voters, and for elections therein suitable ballot boxes, poll lists and other supplies or equipment as may be necessary or proper. Such division shall be made at least sixty days previous to the first election after this act becomes. operative in any district.


(683) SEC. 2. A registration of the qualified electors in Registration. each district shall be made in each voting precinct, and the name, sex and address of each person registering, and whether the owner of property assessed for school taxes or a parent or legal guardian of children of school age. Such registration shall in all respects not herein specified be conducted in the same manner as the registration required or provided for with reference to general elections, and all laws of the state Laws apfor preserving the purity of elections and for preventing fraud and corruption shall govern all elections and registrations under this act so far as the same are applicable. No unregistered person shall be allowed to vote at any school election unless such person has qualified under oath under the provisions of law regulating elections in cities. The first regis. When made. tration of voters shall be made in each voting precinct in said district on the last Saturday previous to the date of the annual school election as fixed by law, or of any special election that may be ordered or provided by law, and subsequent registrations shall be made on the last Saturday preceding any election in such district and whenever the board of edu

Sessions of boards.

Board of registration,


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cation may provide for a general registration therein. Boards of registration shall be in session in the several voting precincts continuously between the hours of three o'clock and eight o'clock in the afternoon on registration days.

(684) SEC. 3. The board of education in each district so divided shall appoint three qualified electors in each voting precinct to compose a board of registration and a board of election inspectors. Such appointment shall be made at least ten days prior to the time required for registration and election as the case may be. The same electors may be appointed Oath of office. members of both boards. Each member shall take the constitutional oath of office and shall be entitled to administer oaths to any person in connection with the registration or election. In case of inability or refusal to act, the board of education may fill the vacancy, and in case the members shall not all be present at the time of the opening of the registration or of the polls, the qualified electors present may fill the vacancy. The inspectors of election shall, immediately after canvassing the votes, make their return thereof and deliver the same to the secretary of the board of education.


Return of votes.

Notice of registration.




(685) SEC. 4. Notice of the time and place of holding any registration or election shall be given by the secretary of the board of education, by posting notice thereof in three public places in each voting precinct in which the registration or election is to be held, at least ten days before the registration or election, and by publication in one or more of the city papers, if any, in the district, at least six times within ten days next preceding the election. If no daily paper is published in the district, the notice shall be published at least once in a weekly newspaper published therein. The notice of election shall contain the names of all candidates for each office to be voted on, and the substance of all special matters, if any, to be submitted thereat.

(686) SEC. 5. The board of education shall convene on Thursday next succeeding any election at the usual hour and place of meeting, and canvass the returns, and from the statements filed with the secretary, shall determine the result of the election upon each question and proposition voted upon, Certificates of and what persons were duly elected at said election. The secretary shall make triplicate certificates of such determination under the corporate seal of the district, showing the result of the election upon each question or proposition, and what persons were declared elected to the several offices respectively, one of which he shall file in the office of the county clerk of the county, one in the office of the city clerk of the city in which such district is situated, and the other shall be filed in Who deemed his own office. The person receiving the greatest number of votes, as shown by said statements, shall be deemed to have been duly elected, but if there shall be no choice by reason of two or more candidates having received an equal number of votes, the board of education shall at the time of canvassing the votes, determine by lot between said persons which one


Tie vote.

shall be elected to said office. It shall be the duty of the Notification. secretary of the board, within five days after the determination, to notify in writing each person elected of his election, and he shall file a written acceptance of such election, together with the constitutional oath of office within ten days Oath of office. after receiving such notice, or the office will be deemed vacant.

(687) SEC. 6. Candidates for members of the board of edu- Nomination by petition. cation shall be nominated by petition, which shall be filed with the secretary of the board of education not less than ten days nor more than fifteen days prior to the date of election. Each petition shall be signed by not less than twenty-five qualified registered school electors of the district. No elector shall sign the petition for more candidates than are to be elected. Said petition shall be substantially in the following form:

"We, the undersigned qualified school electors of the (name Form. of district) do hereby nominate.. ..of

..street, of said district, as a member of the board of education of said district."

of names.

Upon the filing of such petitions the secretary of the board Publication shall place the same in the public files of his office, and for at least five days immediately preceding said election, shall publish the names proposed in a daily newspaper of the district, and if there is no daily newspaper in the district, the names shall be published in all the weekly newspapers of the district for at least one edition during the week preceding the election, and if there shall be no paper published in the district, he shall post printed lists of such names in three of the most public places in each school voting precinct in said district one week before the election. The secretary of the Official ballot. board of education shall prepare and have printed an official ballot, which shall be in substantially the same form as provided in the general election law, on which shall be placed the names of all who have been duly named for members of said board. In the printing of such ballots the provisions of the general law of the state for transposing and alternating the names of candidates shall apply: Provided, That no party Proviso, emblem or designation shall be placed upon school election emblems. ballots.


of elections.

(688) SEC. 7. Except as provided in this act, the manner Conduct of conducting elections shall be the same as provided in the general school laws of this state and any local act in force in such district.

(689) SEC. 8. This act shall not be in force or take effect Referendum. in any district until a majority of the voters voting on such proposition shall vote in favor of the same. Such proposi

tion may be submitted to the voters of any school district at such time or times as the board of education of such district shall determine, and when submitted, the ballot for voting thereon shall be in substantially the following form:





"Shall this school district be divided into voting precincts and registration of voters made and elections hereafter held in such several voting precincts?

Yes [1

No []"

(689a) SEC. 9. If any election district has elected to come under the provisions of this act, such district may at any time after two years, upon a petition signed by ten per cent of the qualified electors in said district, re-submit the question of the continuance or discontinuance of this act within such district. The form of the proposition for the re-submission of the question shall be drafted by the board of education when submitted at any succeeding special or general election.


An Act relative to the nomination of party candidates for public office and delegates to political conventions, to regulate primary elections and to prescribe penalties for violations of its provisions, and to provide for the printing upon election ballots of the names of candidates nominated under the terms of this act, and to repeal act number four of the public acts of the extra session of the year nineteen hundred seven, and all local primary election acts contravening the provisions of this act, except as in this act otherwise provided.

Nomination by direct vote.


elections, how conducted,


[Act 281, P. A. 1909.]

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

(690) SEC. 1. Whenever any primary election shall be held in this state or in any city, county, or district in this state, pursuant to the provisions of this act, the nomination. of candidates for the offices herein named, by each political party, shall be made by direct vote of the registered and qualified voters of such political party in the state or in any district, county, or city in this state, as the case may be, in the manner hereinafter provided.

Am. 1913, Act 118.

See Bradley v. Bd. of State Canvassers, 154/274; Line v. Election Com'rs, 154/329.

(691) SEC. 2. All primary elections shall, except as herein otherwise provided, be conducted and regulated as near as may be in every particular as prescribed by law for the regulation and conduct of general elections. The provisions of the general election law shall apply to primary elections with respect to the giving of notice of registration and election, in fixing places for holding such election, providing the ballot boxes with the necessary equipment and supplies, in

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