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intends to reside permanently in the United States, had in all respects complied with the law in relation thereto, and that ... he was entitled to be so admitted, it was thereupon ordered by the said court that ...... he be admitted as a citizen of the United States of America. In testimony whereof the seal of said court is hereunto affixed on in the year of our Lord nineteen and of our independence the

the ... hundred and [L. S.]

day of


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Name, age, and place of residence of wife, ages, and places of residence of minor children,

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Names, ;

(Signature of holder)

SEC. 28. That the secretary of commerce and labor shall have power to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary for properly carrying into execution the various provisions of this act. Certified copies of all papers, documents, certificates, and records required to be used, filed, recorded, or kept under any and all of the provisions of this act shall be admitted in evidence equally with the originals in any and all proceedings under this act and in all cases in which the originals thereof might be admissible as evidence.

SEC. 30. That all the applicable provisions of the naturalization laws of the United States shall apply to and be held to authorize the admission to citizenship of all persons not citizens who owe permanent allegiance to the United States, and who may become residents of any state or organized territory of the United States, with the following modifications: The applicant shall not be required to renounce allegiance to any foreign sovereignty; he shall make his declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States at least two years prior to his admission; and residence within the jurisdiction of the United States, owing such permanent allegiance, shall be regarded as residence within the United States within the meaning of the five years' residence clause of the existing law.

An Act to validate certain certificates of naturalization.

[Extract from Act of Congress, approved June 29, 1906.]

That naturalization certificates issued after the act approved March third, nineteen hundred and three, entitled "An act to regulate the immigration of aliens into the United States," went into effect, which

fail to show that the courts issuing said certificates complied with the requirements of section thirty-nine of said act, but which were otherwise lawfully issued, are hereby declared to be as valid as though said certificates complied with said section: Provided, That in all such cases applications shall be made for new naturalization certificates, and when the same are granted, upon compliance with the provisions of said act of nineteen hundred and three, they shall relate back to the defective certificates, and citizenship shall be deemed to have been perfected at the date of the defective certificate.



The Index to the Primary Election Law Immediately Follows.


[blocks in formation]

noon, of the polls in townships, proclamation, etc.
of polling places

of board of state canvassers

from day to day by county canvassers

final, of township board of canvassers subject to recall
of annual township meetings, proceedings, notice of, etc.

to be attached to initiative or referendum petitions
to be attached to petition for constitutional amendment
of absent voter

to be attached to recall petition


of corporation, etc., not to contribute to election expenses

to constitute board of registration in cities

to act as inspectors of election

when two, at large may be elected in fourth class cities, term of office
number of, elected at first election in cities of fourth class


naturalization of: See appendix.


[blocks in formation]

to constitution to be published with laws

recount of votes cast on, by board of state canvassers
correction upon certiorari of error in return of votes on

duty of secretary of state as to publicity of proposed constitutional, etc.

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