Heaven and how to Get There

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Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 286 pages
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Almost every person who has ever lived on this earth wants to go to heaven. They talk about it, sing about it, and pray about it, but the sad truth is, relatively few people know how to get to heaven. Adam, Noah, and Abraham, who was taught the same exact gospel that Jesus and the apostles were teaching, knew (Gal. 3:8). Moses, Aaron and some of the other children of Israel knew how to get to heaven, but their knowledge was wasted preaching to a wicked generation. Which wickedness caused God to remove the fullness of the gospel off the earth. With the mission of Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father brought back the full gospel to the earth again. That gospel was administered over by His apostles who had been given the Melchizedek priesthood by Jesus. Jesus had commanded the apostles/church to take the gospel to the entire world so that "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned." (Mark 1:16) Yes, many believed and submitted to baptism. But most did not. In fact, the apostles and other leaders of the church were killed by organized efforts of Jews. This caused the, amply predicted, collapse of the church. Thereafter (100 AD), without any Divine authority or Divine involvement, the eternal quest of acquiring salvation was an extremely complicated, frustrating and unobtainable endeavor. I will document this frustration, both with biblical and historical evidence.

The reason why relatively few people know how to get to heaven is because they are shackled by traditional man-made doctrines spawned during 1700 years of spiritual darkness. The Universal Catholic church, and later the newly educated reformers, were using the Bible as a guide, but history has proved: Without a divinely directed church, the bible became nothing more than a source of mass confusion. You don't believe me? Believe Roger Williams (1640). Williams was one of the most educated men on the subject of religion who ever lived. He went to Cambridge University. He was a chaplain, a separatist Puritan, an Anabaptist, a preacher, and a prolific writer of books etc. He said: "all religions lacked a proper foundation, and this defect could be remedied only by a new apostolic dispensation, in which new apostles, divinely commissioned, would appear to re-establish the church." Too bad Williams wasn't born a little later because what he was looking for actually happened in 1830 when God restored (Acts 3:21) His church to the earth in these Latter-days. And I will tell you exactly why it took 1700 years.

Did you know that there is more than one heaven? The apostle Paul taught that there were three different heavens. Do you know which one you are going too? You will after you read this book.

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