The Indian Medical Gazette, Volume 42

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Page 243 - has, with a view to lessening the risk of infection from smallpox hospitals, laid down the rule that a local authority should not contemplate the erection of a small-pox hospital — first, on any site where it would have within a quarter of a mile of it as a centre, either a hospital, whether for infectious diseases or not, or a workhouse, or any similar establishment, or a population of 150 to 200 persons ; and secondly,- on any site where it would have within half a mile of it as a centre, a...
Page 198 - Except as provided for in Rule 8 all applications for study leave shall be submitted, with the audit officer's certificate, to the Director-General, Indian Medical Service, through the prescribed channel, and the course or courses of study contemplated and any examination the candidate proposes to undergo shall be clearly specified therein. 8. Officers on furlough who wish to have part of their furlough converted into study leave should address the...
Page 146 - SYLLABUS OF LECTURES ON HUMAN Embryology, an Introduction to the Study of Obstetrics and Gynaecology for Medical Students and Practitioners; with a Glossary of Embryological Terms.
Page 307 - Heller nitric acit test, but is usually accompanied by a few casts. 4. The casts are generally hyaline, finely granular and fatty ; rarely epithelial unless the epithelial cells are very fatty when they are classed as fatty casts. Blood casts are very rare. 5. Albumin may be present in light and heavy infections. 6. Albuminuria with casts in uncinariasis should be regarded as the evidence of a degenerative process in the kidney, not as an inflammation or, more specifically, a nephritis. 7. Both thymol...
Page 29 - ... endemic index' is high. 2. That there is no definite proof that an intermediate host is required, but the balance of evidence is against its being conveyed by earth, air, water or food, or contamination with sewage or other faecal matter. 3. That there is some evidence that, for a short period only, after the occupation of small spaces, beds, bedrooms, etc., the 'poison' or carrier of infection may remain.
Page 261 - ... Havelock's good fusileers, Kissing the war-harden'd hand of the Highlander wet with their tears ! Dance to the pibroch ! — saved ! we are saved ! — is it you ? is it you ? Saved by the valor of Havelock, saved by the blessing of heaven ! ' Hold it for fifteen days ! ' we have held it for eighty-seven ! And ever aloft on the palace roof the old banner of England blew.
Page 3 - King returned an answer, which came out the 6th, as follows : ' Since he is privy to my disease, and perfectly understands his business, I would very fain have kept him, and given him whatsoever he should have asked. But seeing he cannot be brought on any terms to be content I agree to it ; and on condition that after he has gone to Europe and procured such medicines as are not to be got here and seen his wife and children, he return to visit the Court once more, let him go.
Page 2 - King was pleased the 30th to give him in public, viz. a vest, a culgee set with precious stones, two diamond rings, an elephant, horse, and 5,000 rupees, besides ordering, at the same time, all his small instruments to be made in gold, viz. gold buttons for coat, waistcoat, and breeches, set with jewels : the same day Coja Surpaud received an elephant and vest as a reward for his attendance on this occasion.
Page 2 - ... since Mr. Hamilton had been in private with His Majesty, and in all this time not the least notice taken. We were very much concerned at his detainment, and the more because we were assured of his firm aversion to accepting the service, even with all its charms of vast pay, honour, &c. ; that if the King did detain him by force, if he outlived the trouble of his esteeming imprisonment, he might be endeavouring at an escape, which every way had its ill consequences.
Page 3 - Diu, near the port of Masulipatam, should belong to the company, paying for it a fixed rent; that in Bengal all persons, whether European or native, indebted or accountable to the company, should be delivered up to the Presidency on demand ; that goods of export or import, belonging to the English, might, under a dustuck, or passport from the President of Calcutta, be conveyed duty free through the Bengal provinces...

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