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Schools of the.

ht Hon. M. T. Baines, at Lancaster, of

Mr. Warren ter." 1, of Baron Alderson. Speeches of Mr.

T. D. Ander
of Mr. Bramly Moore in Liverpool
tions of the Justices at Leicestershire
January Sessions. Report of Lieut. Col. Jebb, on Convict
Prisons and disposal of Convicts, for 1853, Circular of
Industrial Home for Outcast Boys, Lambeth. Rev. Mr.
Field's pamphlet on the discipline and management of Con-
victs, and on tickets of leave, &c. Reports of Chaplain and
Governor of Parkhurst. Observations on Rev. Mr. Field's
pamphlet. State of opinion in Ireland on Reformatory
subjects; Essays read before the Clonmel Literary Society.
Lecture of W. L. Hackett, Esq. Letter of Mr. Recorder
Hill, on Mettray, to Mr. Adderley, M.P. to " The Philan-
thropist." Tracts by Miss Carpenter and Mr. Archibald
Prentice. Letter from Mr. Prentice. Report of Ragged
School, St. James's Back, Bristol.

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