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For Mr Thomas Coats, and Mr John Harris, Wardens of the worshipfull Society of the Trinity house, of Kingstone upon Hull.

Gentlemen, my worthy friends,

having received yester night your letter of the 18th according to which I shall regulate my selfe upon occasion, I haue not further at present then to acquaint you that upon Thursday last I accidentally did light into Sr Philip Frowds company and he askd me whether I had not somthing to him from the Trinity house and added that he Io knew I had to which I replyed that all I had from you was to imploy some fit person to treate with him for indeed I told him I had been so unhappy in former discourses with him as to meet with such delays uncertaintyes and repugnances that I was tired out of the businesse : yet neverthelesse if there might be any probability of negotiating to more purpose, I would wait upon him yet as often and where he pleased. He answerd me that the Trinity house and he were now upon better termes and that as soon as the terme was ouer he would send to me. I said I was glad of it and would not faile to wait his motion. Also yesternight Mr Angel came to my lodging and imparted what 20 you had writ to him and seemed to expostulate as if you had made formerly some promise to him and that it could not be expected unlesse the thing were effected that you should have the allowance for your poor[e] and that what he writ was onely as proposalls & means of better effecting it rather then any conditions imposed upon you. He seemd much to resent his hauing been obliged to show you his title and for the rest appeard very confident of his own designe. I answerd him what was fitting not discovering any Commission that I had to treat with Sr Philip. I remaine,

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Having received a letter of the 28th June from you and Mr Harris, this is to acquaint you that in pursuance thereof I haue since been with

Sr Ph: Frowd. It is unnecessary to particularize what difficulty he still made concerning the lownesse of the rate and the yearely value according to that rate. For in conclusion, I refusing to write to you as he desired of those things as hauing been so long both under your and his consideration and tending onelye to delay if not misunderstanding, he assented that I should advertise you that he is content to proceed upon those three principall grounds which you limited me to. That is to say: first that the imposition shall not exceed a farthing and halfe-penny. Next that one third thereof be to your use and propriety. Lastly that he will beare two thirds of the whole 10 expense you making up the other part. And the next weeke, he hauing indeed some just excuse at present upon settling his businesse in the Post-office, we appointed to meet againe in order to the drawing up such articles betwixt you as may lead and bind to the performance of the abouesaid. And indeed it is fit that he should giue you very good security in a thing of that concernment. As also that you would please to consider in what way you will transmitt either your security or authority hither to the same purpose. For it is of absolute necessity that those things be perfected on both sides before any step be made further towards a Patent. Therefore I shall be glad to heare from you 20 still as oft as you shall judge materiall and that as soon too as the businesse will beare. For beside the convenience which is in carrying things on with the maturest expedition, we shall be forced to allow some time more then ordinary for Sr Philips usuall deliberation; he being neither too quick nor over certain even in affairs that tend to his own advantage. I haue nothing more at present but after my service which I intreat you to present to your worthy Society, to assure you and your partner that I am

Your very affectionate friend to serve you

Westm: July 4th. 1672.

Andr: Marvell. 30



at my returne to towne on Tuesday I found yours of the 25th October. Your businesse hath not on my part had the lest delay. I haue spoke with Sr Philip since my coming and he desired me to write to the House that he doth still continue certain to the former resolutions taken betwixt us and that the later end of the next week he shall be wholy released from his former partners and that then he will proceed with me immediately to perfect Articles to be drawn betwixt you and him and then to take out the Patent. I do not belieue 4°

there is any fraud in him though there has been some delay but that we shall now shortly come to a good issue. Whereof therefore you may please to advertise your worthy society assuring them likewise that I am as yours so their

Westm: Nov: 2. 1672.

Most affectionate servant,

Andr: Marvell.

Pray remember my respects to your Partner Mr Robert Wright.

10 Sir,


For Mr. Richard Lindall At Hull.

I haue spoken with Sr Philip since and this very night before I write my letter. He thanks you for the advertisement & saith he had heard somthing of it before. That he hath indevord, as before, to meet with his Partners that were formerly, and that of the principall of them chancing not to be well, it could not be. But that in a very few days he shall without all doubt effect it. And that then we shall goe on with expedition. That as for Angel he has no feare of him, his businesse being already secured at Court. And indeed I am of that mind that Sr Philip is secure enough on the Kings side. But therefore I tell him 20 that we must get the Patent passe before Parliament where onely Angel or any man else can make any impediment (and that I think can be very litle) Sr Philip seems to apprehend it so and promises no neglect. I desire you to communicate this to your Partner Mr Wright & so to the House with my service.


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For my much respected friend Mr Richard
Lindall At Hull.

I desire that you and your Partner Mr Wright will informe the Trinity house that I haue & do constantly attend their businesse. But indeed Sr Philip is I can not say so negligent but so tedious that I think any one almost but my selfe would be tired out with it. He layes

it all upon the difficulty still of getting a meeting with all those persons that he hath bin formerly intangled with in Articles about the fiue Lights though he saith 'tis so well understood among them that one meeting would make an end of it. I haue layd out in the meantime on all hands to learne any thing elswhere that may herein concern you. And I haue found that Angell hath applyed himselfe to the king by Petition and interessed my Lord Buckhurst and my Lord Hawley in the matter. And hereupon a reference was granted to the Trinity house here that they might certify their judgements of the convenience or necessity of such a Light. I haue a generall acquaintance with this 10 Trinity house hauing obliged them much in our last Session of Parlt by opposing a new Act for Dover Peere and otherwise. And we haue you know besides a very good friend there. So knowing that yesterday my Lord Buckhursts Agent & Angel would be there I chose to dine with the Trinity house then hauing been often invited. I found they had a full debate of it and upon perusal of all their former papers concerning that affaire when we had to do with them in the same they returnd for answer that they saw no reason for it without new matter produced. So that they (Angel & the rest) returned very ill satisfyd I haue bin also to day with Sr Philip who knew not so much and is 20 well netled & I told him that his slownesse was the occasion that these impediments grew daily upon us. He seemes sensible of it. I shall observe things very close and do not yet apprehend but that all these accidents may be managed to your advantage. I shall very shortly write further. In the meantime be pleased to present my service to your worthy society wherein you will oblige

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in answer to yours subscribed by the rest of the Gentlemen Dec: 24th, I went to Sr Jeremy and discoursed with him concerning the most probable course for procuring Convoy for you both now and for the future. And his opinion then was that there being so many other, considerable places as well as your port concerned that it were best

to joyne with them in a Petition to his Highnesse for that purpose. And though we did at the same time consider that it would be somthing dilatory and longsome for you to effect such a subscription yet he thought there was some impediment which would not so easily be removed as by your joint addresse; and that the doing of it once for all effectually might countervaile the detriment of time which perhaps & probably might be as long if you went another way to work. This was the best we could then agree upon: but we appointed the next day to meet again about it But I understand that he was suddenly 10 commanded down the River so that our meeting having failed I know not neither whether he had time or no: so that this imperfect advice and account is all I can at present nor could well sooner giue you. As for that businesse of the Lights it is in so much tediousnesse and uncertainty some pleasure to see however that Sr Philip himselfe is thus hamperd. The Trinity house here are appointed to meet again about them the last Wednesday of this moneth when and before too I intend to wait on them. I am told that they will again certify against the erecting. And this as things are imbroyled at present seems the most desirable. That so the Court competition being extinguished 20 there might a mutual understanding be indevourd betwixt this Trinity house & yours towards the setting up of those Lights to the advantage of both houses; which we somtimes talke of. I shall from time to time observe any thing you please to direct & giue you advice of what here. I am Sir, Yours and the rest of the Gentlemens of the Society Most humble servant


Andr: Marvell


The coppies of a peice of a letter out of Mr Marvells & sent by m' Popple to this house, the 17 ffebr 1672 with a pap recd by him from S P ffroude Deare brother as for the buisnes at London Trinitie house they have still put it of & if they they 1 be prest to certifie wch tis pbable they may shortly they are resolved to certifie the contrary but should it prove otherwise wheresoever itt fall I doubt not but to have acceptable conditions for your howse I send you here & pray send me it backe the state of Sr Phillipps affares as he gave it me tother day As for Convoy I understand the duke has appointed Robinson with 8 gunnes and another frigot above 30:

Here the tre is cut of

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