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purpose. They say there might be about 140, but three parts of them of the Court. The Speaker came in about ten a clock and after Prayers tooke the Chaire. Forthwith in the same instant Secr. Coventry deliverd a verball message that it was the Kings pleasure the House should immediately Adjourne till the Third of December. The House then cryed Adjourne, Adjourne as soon as the Speaker had repeated the Message & it seemed that he was no lesse ready to pronounce the Adjournment without expecting further the Houses pleasure or putting the Question. But my L: Cauendish modestly moved in few 10 words wch Mr Williams seconded somthing more briskly but as short that they might haue the Order read whereby they were last Adjourned. Yet there was on purpose so set and generall a noise made for Adjournment that they could scarse be heard and the Speaker thereupon without further Ceremony pronounced of himselfe the words This House is Adjourned till the third of December next. Those that were not pleased with it are displeased, and may turne the buckle of their girdle behind them. I heare this motion was not made with hope or intention to bring it up to any debate or question, where the number was so unequall, but onely to lay a claime for hereafter to question the 20 Speaker. The Order they askd for was, I heare, enterd that the House adjournd it selfe, which if it had been read did naturally lead to examine the Fact which was contrary. We say Lorain killd 1000 French & English in this late Action: Capt: Lawson, my L: Carlisles Nephew, Capt Mackartie, &c: 60 Officers. That the Prince is set down before Charleroy & he coming to Couer the Siege. But the Dane has utterly destroyd the Swedes whole Navy.

July 17. 1677.



For St Edward Harlay
At Brampton Castle

to be left with the Postmaster of Ludlow

Worthy Sir, I am happy that the same letter which brought me the first news of your indisposition added that of your recovery. The E: of Salisbury, after hauing his Petition severall times corrected, broke the ice and at last acknowledged therein his unaduised discourse concerning the Prorogation. Hereupon he was fully discharged onely with condition to make the same submission to the House of Lords when sitting. The L: Wharton writ after the same Copy and had the same Order. The King jested with him and said he would teach

him a text of Scripture. It will be very acceptable from your Mty. Sinne no more. Your Mty has that from my quotation of it to my L: Arlinton when he had been before the house of Commons. Well my Lord you and I are both old men and we should love quietnesse. Beside all other obligations I haue reason to desire it hauing some 15001i a yeare to lose. Ay my Lord but you haue an aking tooth still. No indeed, mine are all faln out. The D: of Buckingam petitiond only that he had layd so long, had contracted severall indispositions and desired a moneths aire. This was by Nelly, Midlesex, Rochester, and the merry gang easily procured with presumption to make it an intire 10 liberty. Hereupon he layd constantly in Whitehall at my L: Rochester's logings leading the usuall life. The D: of Yorke, the Treasurer and, they tell me too, the D: of Munmoth, remonstrated to the King that this was to leap over all rules of decency and to suffer his authority to be trampled on but if he had a fauor for him he might do it in a regular way &c: Neverthelesse it was for some days a moot point betwixt the Ministers of State and Ministers of Pleasure who should carry it. At last Buck. was advertised that he should retire out of Whitehall. He obeyd and since presented they say a more acknowledging Petition then either Salisburyes or Wharton's whereupon 20 I heare that he was yesterday by the same Rule dismissed. People were full of vaine imaginations what changes he would make in Court but he loves Pleasure better then Revenge and yet this last is not the meanest luxury. The E: of Shaftsbury's Lady tother day petitiond he might haue a month at St Gills: but the King receiv'd it without any further notice or usuall respect. Yet there are that say the Court would be glad to be rid of him on easier terms then the other Lords but that he is too scrupulous of Honor. Indeed I will tell you an incredible story, yet there is but litle roome to doubt of it: that on the 16th of July the L: Stafford gaue him a visit, told him he was sory 30 that after having tryed so many ways there was none to get out. But yet there was one left. Which is that I beseech you? Your Lordship is wise and sagacious enough to understand what, without my further describing it. He paused and said I suppose I comprehend your Lo, you would have the Duke to write a new Creed for me and I to subscribe it But I shall never do it. He has done his worst to me yet would doe worse if it were in his power. He would haue my Head but I shall yet weare it in despight of him and liue perhaps to come betwixt him and his great hopes. And for you my Lord tis a mean office and unfit for a person of honour to haue made me such a motion : 40 nor can you expiate it but by acquainting the Duke with all I haue said which I demand of you. What occasion was there for all this? He


is like to be left for the reckoning. It is some weeks since that the E: of Ossory and Don Carlos went for the Prince of Oranges army & since that the D: of Albemarle. The French Embr complaind of it to the King. Hereupon Monmoth & Feversham were immediately posted away for the French Army & since then Mulgrave Middleton and Lumley. The Field Conventicles in Scotland are very rife, then ever. And the proceedings against them as violent. Even poore herd-boys are fined shillings and sixpences. They quarter Troopers all where they heare Conventicles haue bin kept. One Gentleman fined 10 500li sterlin & imprisond because he will not take Oath to answer all their questions & tell the Nonconfs name that baptized his child. At a Nonc: Ministers childs buriall at Glasgow there came from seuen miles about neare 3000 people to spight the Bishop of Argyle who is also Parson of Glasgow who would not suffer the Bellman to publish the buriall after the usuall manner Child to such an one Minister of the Gospell at Maidlan but somtimes Minister wherfore they imployd not the Bellman at all but a Woman seeing the Bishop peep out cryed aloud Ha Theefe thou wilt never haue so many at thy buriall except thou be hanged. Mr Jenkins is richly marryed: Owen tolerably 20 to Mrs Doily. The King gone by sea for Portsmouth.

Aug: 7. 1677

I am much out of Towne wch has caused this late returne.


[To Sir Edward Harley.]

I am afraid they burne Popes to night.

Nov: 17. 77.

Sir my indiscretion in talking so much and so extravagantly concerning my selfe in my last Letter (but I know with whom it is deposed) makes me write this for amends. The Prince goes away on Munday. I heare the French haue besieged our Lady of Halle neare Brussells. As my 30 L: Hollis said whom I dined with to day, they fight when others are gone to bed, and before they be up. I feare they will cary Friburg too. The Confederate Ministers here are jealous lest England France and Holland haue allyed to force a Peace upon the rest seeming specious but really noxious. To day is acted the first time Sir Popular Wisdome or the Politician where my Lord Shaftsbury and all his gang are sufficiently personated. I conceiue the King will be there. The Lady Portsmouth is passing a Patent for the whole Cole-farme and 1200li a yeare in the meane time. No Archbishop yet appears: we

thinke London. Taunton is forced to be a Corporation Bishop Mew and Earle of Rochester two of the Aldermen. Bishop sent next day for Mr Newton Why could he not conforme now as well as then? Assent and Consent. Why? One, And they rebelled against And they were obedient to his Word. Very angry. Heavy hauock there sence. To cure your Gout at any time the Chandlers boys haue got a trick of making squibs exquisitely in candles. One of m by chance set up to burne by him all night lying in of gout & stone. It did a most admirable reall ridiculous effect made him run up and down like a squib crying Devell Murder Treason. I haue not further of 10 what I last inclosed.

Dear Will,


[To William Popple.]

I have Time to tell you thus much of publick Matters. The Patience of the Scots, under their Oppressions, is not to be paralelled in any History. They still continue their extraordinary and numerous, but peaceable, Field Conventicles. One Mr. Welsh is their Archminister, and the last Letter I saw tells, People were going forty Miles to hear Him. There came out, about Christmass last, here a large Book concerning the Growth of Popery and Arbitrary Government. There have 20 been great Rewards offered in private, and considerable in the Gazette, to any who could inform of the Author or Printer, but not yet discovered. Three or four printed Books since have described, as near as it was proper to go, the Man being a Member of Parliament, Mr. Marvell to have been the Author; but if he had, surely he should not have escaped being questioned in Parliament, or some other Place. My good Wishes attend you.

June 10. 1678.

Yours, &c.

32. Fragment.

Praeterea magis occidere metuo quam occidi; non quod Vitam tanti aestimem, sed ne imparatus moriar.

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