Bulletin of the North Carolina State Board of Health, Volume 4

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Secretary of the Board, 1889

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Page 82 - This material when expectorated frequently lodges in places where it dries, as on the street, floors, carpets, handkerchiefs, etc. After drying in one way or another it is very apt to become pulverized and float in the air as dust.
Page 5 - A person who willfully sells or offers to sell, uses, exposes, or causes or permits to be sold, offered for sale, used or exposed, any horse or other animal having the disease known as glanders or farcy, or other contagious or infectious disease dangerous to the life or health of human beings, or animals, or which is diseased past recovery, or who refuses upon demand to deprive of life an animal affected with any such disease, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
Page 83 - Household pets (animals or birds) are quite susceptible to tuberculosis ; therefore do not expose them to persons afflicted with consumption ; also do not keep, but destroy at once, all household pets suspected of having consumption, otherwise they may give it to human beings. 9. Do not fail to thoroughly cleanse the floors, walls, and ceilings of the living and sleeping-rooms of persons suffering from consumption at least once in two weeks.
Page 197 - From the general nature of the results obtained, the conclusion may fairly be deduced that not only alum itself, but the residues which its use in baking powder leaves in bread, can not be viewed as harmless, but must be ranked as objectionable, and should be avoided when the object aimed at is the production of wholesome bread.
Page 43 - Good beef is not of a pale pink color, and such a color indicates that the animal was diseased. Good beef does not have a dark purple hue, for this color is evidence that the animal has not been slaughtered, but has died with the blood in its body, or has suffered from some acute febrile affection. Good beef has no, or but little, odor ; or if any odor is perceptible it is not disagreeable.
Page 2 - Corrosive sublimate itself is powerless to disinfect the sputum. The bacillus acclimatizes itself amid the most unfavorable surroundings. It complies with the exigencies of its condition, and even alters its shape, but without losing any of its virulence, of which it gives ample evidence whenever fortune favors it. Its polymorphism is not the least curious point in the , life-history of this organism. Thus, it is sometimes a short rod, sometimes a line ; occasionally it splits and forms spores, but...
Page 6 - Every animal having glanders, or farcy, shall at once be deprived of life by the owner or person having charge thereof, upon discovery or knowledge of its condition ; and any such owner or person omitting or refusing to comply with the provision of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
Page 136 - ... cause a certain microbe possessing characteristics which have been fairly well described in recent annual reports of the Bureau of Animal Industry, which distinguish it both biologically and pathologically from the first-mentioned "germ of hog cholera.
Page 136 - The Commission are further of the opinion that the disease called by the authorities at Washington "hog cholera" is caused by the specific action of a certain microbe named by them "the hog cholera germ...

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