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Urania, a Rhymed Lesson." O. W Holmes. 64


From "In Memoriam, CIV." Tennyson

Those Evening Bells. Moore


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The Golden Legend." Longfellow

In Memoriam, XXVIII." Tennyson

How soft the Music of those Village Bells. Cowper

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Through din and disorder and changes

of time,

In his heart there was pealing a heav-
enly chime.

Ring from the belfry,

Loudly and clear,

Waves of loved harmonies,

He cannot hear;

For the voice that once chanted

On earth the glad ftrain,

Exalted to glory,

Repeats it again.

Then why fhould he liften

To hope's earthly bells?
For all is fruition

Where joyful he dwells.

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Ring from the tower,
Merrily, clear,

Over the Bride,

Whose vows are made here.

Cheerfully, hopefully, wedded in heart,

What God joins together no creature fhall part.

Ring from the belfry,

Gently a peal

What time hath in keeping

Of woe or of weal

For the Infant unconsciously brought

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The gospel's glad sound,

To the bond and the free;

Bid the deaf and the blind and the lame to the feast,

And tell to the nations the tidings of

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