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I will say

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After tea, papa' said, “Now, Maud,

' it is time for me to go. good-by. I have had a very happy evening.”

“Good-by,” said Maud. you will soon come and take tea with me again.”

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“I hope


Let pupils give oral answers in complete sentences.

Why did Maud have to stay in her room ?
What did Maud's papa' wish her to do ?
Why did he have to go away ?
Who made and poured the tea ?
What kind of uniform did her papa' wear ?

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Miss chaud will be pleased to have her papa 'tab tea and toast with her this evening at siv vclock.



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buried wrote

€rj’ing (běr'rid) looked å slēep' gär'den e ngŭgh' (lookt)

al'most Bo-peep' (e nŭf')



One day I saw John coming with a basket. He gave it to me and said, “ Little Bo-peep, take care of your sheep.”

I looked in, and there was a dear little lamb in the basket.

I named her Bo-peep, and put a little bell on her neck.

Then I got a box and put it in the barn for Bo-peep's house, and she went to sleep in it.

By and by, she was large enough to run and play on the grass, and make the little bell tinkle, tinkle, everywhere she went.

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One day she tried to follow me to school. I almost wanted her to go. But John came after her and put her into the barn. Bo-peep cried all day for me.

When I came home from school, I went to the barn to see her. O how glad she was to have me comė. back ! When it was cold, I used to

, put her to bed in the wood box by the stove. The rest is sad to tell.

One night I was sick, and asked nurse to take care of Bo-peep, and she said, “Yes, dear.”

In the morning I ran to the wood box to find Bo-peep. She was not there !

When nurse came in she said, “O I am so sorry! I forgot to bring the poor little thing into the house !"

I ran out to the barn, and there was little Bo-peep, dead.

I could not help crying. The next morning, Ned and I buried

her in the garden, under an

an old apple tree.

Ned put up a piece of board on the tree, and I wrote this on it,


“ Little Bo-peep
Fell fast asleep."


Let pupils give oral answers in complete sentences.

What did John have in the basket ?
What name did the girl give the lamb ?
What did she put on its neck ?
Where was the lamb found dead ?
Where was it buried ?


Let pupils copy, and fill the blanks.

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