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frīsk 60 zỹ brasts sănd rāin' y těn'der säfely nursed linoingo

līn’îngs nữb'ble (nûrst) shěl'ter

hỉd'den bůr' rows Windoing seăm'per

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They live in burrows

With winding ways, And there they shelter

On rainy days.

The mother rabbits

Make cozy nests, With hairy linings

From their breasts.

The tender young ones

Are nursed and fed, And safely hidden

In this warm bed.

And when they are older,

They all come out Upon the sand hills,

And frisk about.

They play, and nibble

The long, dry grass, But scamper away

Whenever you pass.

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“O mamma'!” cried little Kitty Brown, “I want to tell you something

“I heard such a funny story about Mary Black! I did not think she could be so naughty.”

“But, Kitty, I do not like to hear anything naughty about little boys and girls.

Before you tell me the story, there are three things I would like to ask you."

What are they, mamma' ?”

In the first place, is the story true ?”


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"I think so. Miss White told me, and she is a great friend of Mary's.”

“Well, it may be true, but is it kind ?"

“I am afraid it is not. I should not like to have such a story told about me.”

“Well, then, Kitty, if the story is not true, nor kind, do you think you ought to tell it ? ”

“No, I do not think I need to tell it."

“Ah, then, Kitty, if the story is not true, nor kind, and you do not need to tell it, why tell it to me at all ? "

“O because I I heard it, and thought you would like to hear it, too.”

No, Kitty, I do not care to hear it. Unless what you say is kind

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and true, and you have need of saying it, you should not tell it.

If you can not speak well of your friends, do not speak of them at all.”


Let pupils give oral answers in complete sentences.

What did Kitty wish to do?
What did her mother first ask about the story ?
What next did she ask about it?
What was the last thing she asked about it?
What did she say to Kitty then ?

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Let pupils copy, and commit to memory.

If you can not speak mell of your friends, do not speak of them at all dónet sarj anything

one, unless'it is kind and true

about any


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