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“Do you know why? It is because I always say 'Bowwow. It is all I know how to say.

Have you seen our baby? She has big black eyes, and her mouth looks like a pink rosebud.

'She is a sweet little girl, and I love her dearly.

“I did not like her at first, but that was a long time ago.

My master was very fond of her, and that made me feel cross.

“I used to bark at the baby and show all my teeth.

After that they did not let me go near her.

“I did not see the baby for a long time, but I did not care for that.

“My master did not seem to like me then.

“Every time he saw me he would


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Go away,

say, “Go away, Dick! you bad dog! You are not good to my baby!

“So I was not happy. I made up my mind to bite that baby.

“It was a long time before I got a chance to bite her.

“But one day I found her alone, as she lay in her little crib.

“I jumped up and put both my paws on her crib.

But I did not bite her after all. Shall I tell you why ?

She was too pretty to bite, so I kissed her, and have loved her ever since.

“Now, because I kiss the baby and love her, my master likes me again.

'He pats my head, and says, “Good old dog! Good Dick ! You love the baby, don't you ?'




“I am glad I am not a cross dog now. I feel better when I am good, don't you ? "


Let pupils copy and learn how the words man, fly, and

mouse are changed to mean more than one.

I saw the man.
I saw the men.
I caught the Ay.
I caught the flies.
The cat caught the mouse.
The cat caught the mice.



Let pupils rule their slates into squares to correspond to the

diagram below, and then reproduce the drawing.

[blocks in formation]

A kiss when I wake in the morning,

A kiss when I go to bed,
A kiss when I burn my finger,

A kiss when I hurt my head.

A kiss when my bath is over,

A kiss when my bath begins; My mamma is full of kisses,

As full as nurse is of pins.

A kiss when I play with my rattle,

A kiss when I pull her hair; She covered me over with kisses

The day I fell from the stair.

A kiss when I give her trouble,

A kiss when I give her joy; There's nothing like mamma's kisses

For her own little baby boy.


Let pupils read aloud and supply suitable words to fill the


[blocks in formation]

Let pupils copy and supply words to fill the blanks.

[blocks in formation]
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