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Frank's uncle gave him a pair of white rabbits. They had pink eyes, and were larger than wild rabbits.

Frank's brother John brought a box from the store.

. They set it near the barn door.

This was to be the home of the rabbits, and Frank thought it would make a very nice house.

Mary and Ned looked on and played with the rabbits, while Frank and John built the house.

At last it was done. Mary caught one of the rabbits and held it.

Ned wished to catch the other, but the rabbit jumped away when he came too near it.

It took the three boys to catch it. At last both of the rabbits werè put into their new house.

Frank thought the box made a very nice house, but the rabbits did not think so.

The children fed them with clover, lettuce, and other plants; but

the rabbits liked better to run about the yard and pick out their own food.

One morning when Frank went out to feed them, he found they were not in their house. He felt very sorry.

He had made a bedroom, as he called it, in one corner of the house, and had put plenty of hay in it for a bed.

But the rabbits were not in the bedroom when Frank went to feed them,

He went into the garden to look for them, but he could not find them.

Then he went back to the little house, and there saw the rabbits eating the clover he had put in for them.

Frank wondered where they had

been when he first looked into their house.

When he came home from school, they were gone again.

This time he was sure they were not in the house.

He put in some more clover, and pretty soon they came out of the bedroom.

Frank did not know what to think of it, so he went and told his mother about it.

“They will not run away,” said his mother. “They know what they like, and where they want to live, better than you do, Frank.”

One day Frank went out to put some lettuce in the little house, and found two little rabbits with the old ones. How happy he was then ! He

and called John and Mary

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to come and see the young rabbits.

Frank then learned where the rabbits had been, when he could not find them.

He found a small hole in the floor of the bedroom, large enough for them to crawl through.

They had gone through this hole and dug into the ground, where they had made a nest.

Here they had kept their little ones until they were large enough to go out and eat clover and lettuce.


Let pupils give oral, or written, answers in complete


What did Frank's uncle give him ?
Of what did they make a house for the rabbits ?
What did they give the rabbits to eat ?
What did they give them for a bed ?
How many little rabbits did Frank find ?
Where did the old rabbits hide ?

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