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“How much do you want for her ? ” said the man.

“ Twelve dollars,” said Uncle John. “ Polly, are

twelve dollars ? " said the man.

“There's no doubt about it !” said Polly.

This answer so pleased the man that he gave Uncle John the twelve dollars and took Polly home.

After a while he found out the naughty things Polly did, and was sorry that he had bought her.

One day he said to her, “Polly, what a dunce I was to give SO

a much money for you!”

“There's no doubt about it !” cried Polly.

And this time Polly was right.

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LANGUAGE LESSON. Let pupils tell this story in their own language. Especial attention should be paid to the manner of expres

sion and the proper use of words.

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A young rat once lived in a mill with many other rats. He was too lazy to do anything.

When the old rats asked him if he would like to come out with them at night, he would say, “I don't know.”

And if they said, “Would you like to stay in ?” he still used the same words—“I don't know.” He would not take the trouble to find out what he wished.

An old gray rat said to him one day, “No one will care for you if you go on in this way. You have

more mind than a blade of grass.

“ It is sometimes good to give up your own plans. But it is not good to have no plans at all.'

The young rat sat up, and looked very wise, but said not a word. “Do you not think so ?

SO ? Why do you not speak ?” said the old

? gray rat.


“I don't know," was all the young rat said.

Then he walked off with slow steps, to think for an hour whether he would stay at home in the hole, or go about in the mill.

One day there was a great noise in the mill. It was an old mill, and the wind blew so hard that it shook badly.

By and by, some of the boards began to fall down on the floor, and all the rats were in a great fright.

“ This will not do,” said the old rats, and they shook their heads as they spoke. “We must leave this place,” said they.

So they sent out three or four of the old rats to look for a new home, and in the night they came back.

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They said they had found an old barn, where there was plenty of food and room enough for all.

Then it is best to go at once," said the old gray rat, who seemed to be the captain of all the rats.

“Form in line!” said he.

Then the rats came from their holes, and stood on the floor in a long line.


Let pupils give oral answers in complete sentences.
What is this story about ?
Where did the young rat live ?
Tell the rest of the story in your own words.

Let pupils copy, and add ing to these words.

the wish jump read

be do push short burn

try lock farm stand call huntspill swing

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