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There's a queer little house, and it

stands in the sun. When the good mother calls, the

children all run. While under her roof, they are cozy

and warm, Though the cold wind may whistle

and bluster and storm.

In the daytime, this queer little

house moves away, And the children run after it, happy

and gay ;

But it comes back at night, and the

children are fed And tucked up to sleep in a soft

feather bed.

This queer little house has no win

dows nor doorsThe roof has no shingles, the rooms

have no floors, No fireplaces, chimneys, nor stoves

can you see, Yet the children are cozy and warm

as can be.

The story of this funny house is

all true; I have seen it myself, and I think

you have, too. You can see it to-day, if you watch

the old hen When her downy wings cover her

chickens again.



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€rēa'tura stoek'ings Christmas Săn'tả Class


Mamma was putting Milly and May to bed, the night before Christmas, and she told them this story.

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“ After little children

are fast asleep, the good old Santa Claus comes down the chimney with a

a' great bag of toys.

“Then he goes to all the little beds and looks at the faces of the sleeping children.

“He has seen so many of them asleep, that he can tell if the little closed eyes look kind when they are open, or if cross words ever come out of their mouths.

“He will look at my little Milly to-night, and say, “There are

no tears on her cheeks, and her mouth is sweet and rosy.

"I am sure it has been a happy, smiling mouth all day. Her little hands are at rest now, but they have taken care of May's toys, and put the things back in mamma's workbox.

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They have taken hold of May's little hands and helped her down the stairs.

“ They have given her a big piece of the cake that grandmother sent to Milly.'

“ Then Santa Claus will see May, and say, I think May's face looks as if she loved Milly.

Her mouth seems full of kisses, and her little hands will soon learn to take care of her own toys.'

' Last of all, Santa Claus will go to mamma's bed, and say, “Mamma's face would not look so happy if her little girls were not very kind and good.

'I must put some very pretty toys in their stockings, and I will leave two picture books on their little chairs.?"

Then mamma hung up the stock



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