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ings and kissed her little ones good night.

Milly and May were so happy, that they laughed softly under the bed covers, and had to wink and blink their eyes a long time before they could go to sleep.

In the morning the story came out true.


Let pupils tell what Santa Claus brought them last year.

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Let pupils copy the following numerals with their names.

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Here is a picture of a black

a bear.

Some bears are black, some are white, and others are brown.

Bears are covered with long, thick hair, which keeps them very warm.

Men hunt bears for their skins. From these skins, coats and other things are made which are useful in winter.

The flesh of the bear is good to eat, and an oil is made of his fat.

The black bear is a good climber. He makes his home in a hollow tree or a cave.

He is very fond of wild fruit, of which he finds plenty in the woods.

He is very fond of honey, and when he finds a hive of wild bees, he is sure to take all they have.

The wild bees maks their hives in hollow trees, and the bear finds them by the smell of the honey.

When he finds a hive, he climbs the tree, and for hours and hours he gnaws away at the bark and the wood.

After a while he makes a hole large enough to let in his paw.

Of course the bees do not like this. They buzz around the bear, and try to sting him. But his skin is so thick, and his hair is so long, that he does not mind the stings of the bees.

He puts his great paw through the hole into the hive, and pulls out large pieces of the comb which holds the honey.

He never stops until he has taken all the poor bees have in their hive, and has left them without any food for winter.

When winter comes, the bear creeps into a hole or a cave, and there he makes a soft bed of leaves and twigs.

When the snow comes, it covers the mouth of the hole or cave, where the bear lies snugly hidden.

He closes his eyes, and seems to sleep through the whole winter.

In the spring, when the snow is gone, and the green leaves come out, and the birds begin to sing again, the bear wakes from his long sleep.

Then he sets out once more to roam about the woods, hunting for fruit and hives of wild bees.


Let pupils tell in their own language,

How the bear finds the honey.
How he makes a hole in the tree.
Why the bees can not sting him.
What he does during the long winter.

Let pupils write statements about,

The black bear.

The wild bees.

The bear's skin.
What the bear eats.

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