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la'dy It was


trēąt frět

'twas joke WQū’re

WQū äre broke doesn't

does not Dol'ly's wouldn't would not

Zaş'ı er pléaş'ant er


Suppose, my little lady,

Your doll should break her head; Could you make it whole by crying

Till your eyes and nose were red ? And wouldn't it be pleasanter

To treat it as a joke, And say you're glad 'twas Dolly's,

And not your head, that broke ? Suppose your task, my little man,

Is very hard to get; Will it make it any easier

For you to sit and fret ?

And isn't it, my boy or girl,

, The wisest, bravest plan, Whatever comes, or doesn't come,

To do the best you can ?


Let pupils commit to memory the last two stanzas of this


[blocks in formation]

Let pupils rule their slates into squares to correspond to the

diagram below, and then reproduce the drawing.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][graphic][merged small][merged small]

In this picture you see the home of the “ Babies that live in a ball."


This little ball was built on the stalks of the wheat by an animal called the “Harvest Mouse.”

The ball is not much larger than an egg, and yet there are sometimes three or four little harvest mice in it. They are baby mice.

Of course they must be very small to live in such a little house.

The mother of these little mice is not half so large as the little mouse you sometimes see running about your homes.

This little mouse is almost red on her back. The under part of her body is soft and white, like silk, and her ears are short.

Even wise men do not know how so small an animal can make this pretty ball.

We can not tell how she fastens


Do you

the ball to the wheat stalks, how she gets into it to feed the baby mice.

In the picture you see the mother mouse sitting on the nest, eating her dinner. She has a little bug for her dinner.

Father Mouse is away, trying to find one for his dinner. see his tail curled around the wheat stalk ?

The tail of the harvest mouse is as long as his whole body, and he can hold on with it as if it were a hand.

The little harvest mice do not spend their winters in this airy home. They make a snug, warm house underground.

This house has a room large enough for the mice, but it seems to us to be very small.

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