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[blocks in formation]

Hang up the baby's stocking.

Be sure you don't forget.
The dear, little, dimpled darling

Has never seen Christmas yet.

But I told him all about it,

And he opened his big, blue eyes; I am sure he understood it,

He looked so funny and wise.

Ah, what a tiny stocking !

It doesn't take much to hold Such little toes as baby's,

Safe from the frost and cold.

But then, for the baby's Christmas,

It never will do at all;

For Santa Claus wouldn't be looking

For anything half so small.


I know what will do for baby ;

I've thought of a first-rate plan : I'll borrow a stocking of grandma-,

The longest that ever I can.

And you

shall hang it by mine, mother, Right here in the corner, -SO; And write a letter for baby,

And fasten it on the toe.

“Old Santa Claus, this is a stocking

Hung up for our baby dear ; You never have seen our darling;

He has not been with us a year.


‘But he is a beautiful baby!

And now, before you go, Please cram this stocking with pres

ents, From the top of it down to the



Let pupils give answers, whether oral or written, in complete


Why did the little girl want a large stocking ?
Where was she going to hang it up ?
How was Santa Claus to know it was for the baby ?
What did the little girl tell Santa Claus to do?

[blocks in formation]

Let pupils copy, and learn the following corrections of

common errors.

I did it I saw him I have it It is d Was it sher

I have written

Se got it

Shoy henu better

Let pupils copy, and learn the following



[ocr errors]

Punctuation Marks Comma () Period ()

, Colon (:) Duphen -) Interogation Clash va Exclamation Mach: (1) Quotation Masks (-)

Semicolon (1)


[blocks in formation]

Little drops of water,

Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,

And the pleasant land.

Little deeds of kindness,

Little words of love,
Make our earth an Eden,

Like the Heaven above.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star;
How I wonder what you are !
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

When the glorious sun is set, When the grass with dew is wet, Then you show your little light, Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

* It is intended that these selections shall be memorized by pupils, but as they do not form any part of the reading lessons, the words not heretofore used are not regarded as new words."

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