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Then he tied three strings to the sticks, in this way.

Then he made a tail for the kite.

He tied bits of paper to a string, like this.

Then he tied the tail to the kite.

His mother gave him a long string for it, and he was very happy with his new kite.

Now it is all made, it looks like this, as it floats in the air.

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LANGUAGE LESSON. Let pupils copy these questions and write answers in

complete sentences.

Why did Frank make a nuo kitt? Of what

new hity

did he make it?

[blocks in formation]

the pen.

We have eight little pigs. One is white. One is all black.

The eight little pigs live in a pen. The pen is in a yard near the barn. The pigs like to run in the yard. One day they made a hole under

The little white pig got out of the yard first.

Then the little black pig came out. Then all the other little pigs came out.

The little white pig began to look about him.

'Wee, wee ! What a big world this is !” he said.

Then all the other pigs said Wee, wee !”


The little white one was larger than any of the other pigs; so, of course, he knew all about it.


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Where shall we go ? ” said the little black pig.

“Let us go up the hill,” said the white one.

The other pigs said “Wee, wee!” again.

That was the way they said yes.

[blocks in formation]

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Then the little pigs went up the hill. It was a very small hill; but the pigs said, “What a large hill this is !?

They were only baby pigs, you know.

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