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By and by they came to the top of the hill. They saw a large house in a yard. “

What a big pen ! ” said all the little pigs.

“Do you think we shall find more pigs there ? ” said the black pig.

“Wee, wee!” said the other pigs.

You see, a pig thinks the whole world was made for pigs.

Some one had left the gate open. The little pigs went into the yard. No one was there, so they went on. They were still looking for pigs.

Before they got to the door the cook came out. The pigs gave her one look.

“That is no pig,” said the little white pig. Then they all ran back

. to their pen.

But they knew more than when they left it.


They had seen the world, and found that there are other things than pigs in it.


Let pupils give answers in complete sentences.

Where did the pigs go ?
What did they call the house ?
How did they get into the yard ?
What did the white pig say when he saw the cook?
Then what did they all do ?

Let pupils pronounce the following words according to their


papa whitz hizke donk

built eight moves why blive

other obers yard

Let pupils write these words and mark their pronunciation,

as in the above exercise.

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“See, John, how fast the moose is running! He is afraid of the dogs.”

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“I hope they will not catch him. Whose dogs are they, papa' ? ?

“I do not know whose they are; but they will not catch the moose. He will hide from them, among the spruce trees."

“He is very much like a deer, papa'. See his long legs and large horns ! ”

“Yes, John. The moose is a kind of deer. His horns are not like those of a deer, but his eyes and hoofs are.

When I was a little boy, I was sent out one day to find the cow. I got on my pony, and, after a long ride among the spruce trees, the pony came to a full stop.

“Go on, pony,' said I. “Do you see the cow ?' But the pony would not go on.

It was not the cow that he saw.

It was a large moose.


“There he stood, in a pool of water, looking at us with his large,

soft eyes.



He did not move at first, but pretty soon he began to splash the water with his hoofs.

Then the pony was afraid, and I was, too. We did not stop to find the cow. We came out from among the trees, and went home as fast as we could.”

Why did the moose stand in the pool of water, papa' ?” “ It was

a warm day, and he stood in the water to get cool. A moose or a deer likes to stand in the cool water on a warm day.”



Let pupils write these sentences and fill the blanks. The moose among the

trees. The

stood in a of water. The moose has


like a deer. The moose began to the water with his

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