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of nuts, too, and Ned gives him some every day.

Bunny can hold the nuts in his paws, and crack them

crack them with his strong teeth.

When he does not want to eat the nụts, he hides them under the dry leaves in the yard, and pats them down with his little paws.

Bunny likes to get out of his cage, and play in the tall grass, and run up into the trees.

A squirrel has sharp claws, and can run up into a tree very fast.

One day Bunny was running in the grass and heard a dog bark.

He stood up on his hind legs and saw that Rover, the dog, was near him.

Bunny does not like dogs, so up he went into a tree.

As a dog does not have sharp claws, Rover could not run up into the tree after Bunny.

All he could do was to stand up, with his paws on the tree, and bark at Bunny

But Bunny was not afraid. He knew that Rover could not get up into the tree.

Ned heard Rover bark, and when he found that he was after his tame squirrel, he made him go away.

Poor Bunny was glad to come down from the tree and go into his cage.


Let pupils give answers, whether oral or written, in complete


How does a squirrel crack nuts ?
Where did Bunny hide the nuts ?
Why can a squirrel run up into a tree?
Why can not a dog run up into a tree?
Why did Bunny run up into a tree?
How many feet has a squirrel ?
Where did you ever see a squirrel ?

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Mother, let me make the tea this time."

“Have you ever made it, Milly?”



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No, mother, but I wish to try now.”

Well, take some tea from the caddy, and put it into the teapot.”

“How much shall I take ?"

“Fill the teaspoon once for each one of us."

“ One, two, three, four, five, and a big one for Frank, makes six.”

“That will do. Now pour in some hot water, and set the teapot on the stove so that the tea can steep.”

“ How long must the tea steep, mother?"

“ Only a little while. The hot water will soon make nice tea for us. Can you tell me what tea is, Milly ? ”

“Yes, mother, I think I can. Tea: is made of the leaves of a plant that grows over the sea.



“Men pick the leaves from the plant, then roll them up, and dry them.

When the leaves are dry, they are put into boxes, and sent to us in large ships.

“It is very far off where the tea plant grows, and the ships have to sail a long, long time before they get to us.


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Let pupils copy the following sentences and commit them to


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Men soll and dry the laves of the tea plant

They put this dry leaves into boxess

The bons aw set to w in larguships .


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