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Father, one day, took an apple red,
And holding it up in his hand, he

said :
Where is the boy who can answer

me ?
His, shall this nice, red apple be.
How many cells has the apple core,
Where dark brown seeds are held

in store ?

And which way, too, point the seeds

in them, Down to the blossom, or up to the

stem ? " Shame on us all, not one of us

knew; Who can get the apple now ? Can

you ?


Let pupils write and supply the missing words.

The apple core has cells.
Dark brown seeds are in the
The seeds point to the

Let pupils copy, and fill the blanks with is, are, has,

and have.



The apple mearly round. The apple Apples

brown suds. Apples

good to eat

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Bowwow ! Who are you “I am only a little dog. name is Dick.





“I am not a cross dog. I have always been a pet dog.

Shall I tell you what I can do ? “I can stand up on my hind legs, and jump over a stick.

“O yes, and I can run as fast as Rover, and he is a big dog.

“I like to run races with Rover, because he never bites a little dog.

We like to run after birds, but we never catch any.

They fly away when we go near them.

“I wonder how the birds fly! Rover and I can not fly.

“My master has a cow. She is a good cow, and gives us nice milk.

"I do not care much for milk. I like meat better. But old Tab, the cat, likes milk.

I like to see Tab drink milk. She laps it up so fast.


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"I drive the cow to pasture every day. John goes with me to shut the gate.

"I wish I could open and shut that gate.

Then John would not go to the pasture.

“I should like to go all alone. I think it would be very fine.

“I take good care of the cow.

'When any one goes near her, I say “Bowwow,' and then he runs away.”

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Answers to these questions, whether oral or written, should

be in complete sentences.

What was the little dog's name?
What did he say he could do ?
Why did Dick like to race with Rover ?
Why did Dick like to see Tab drink milk ?
Who went to the pasture with the cow ?



Let pupils write, syllabify and accent the following words. only races happy making baby being funny holding

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