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What you find to sell, Frank ?"

"I will ask mother to let me have some thread, cloth, ribbon, and

, other little things to sell.”

' “But, Frank, I have no money to buy with !” “Well, you

can use pins

pins for money."

But where can I get the pins ?

Mother will give you some, or you can find some on the floor. There are always pins on the floor, you know.”

“O I will tell you, Frank, what is better for money than pins. I will cut out round bits of paper, and have some for one cent, some for five cents, and some for ten cents.”

“Yes, that will do very well. Now you get the money ready,


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while I go and get the things to sell.”

Then Frank went to his mother, who gave him many little things to put in his store. He put them on a table, and then was ready to sell.

Mary put on her hat and shawl, and came into the room.

“Good morning, Miss,” said Frank. “Can I sell you anything this morning?"

“Yes,” said Mary. any red ribbon ?"

Yes, here is some that is very good. Only five cents a yard.”

'Well, I will take one yard. Now I want some cloth to make my doll a new dress.”

“Here is some good cloth. It will make a very nice dress, and costs only ten cents a yard,” said Frank.


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“Give me a yard of that, a paper of pins, and some white thread,” said Mary. “Is there anything

anything more you would like, Miss ? ” said Frank.

“I think of nothing more now.”

Shall I send the things home for you, Miss ? "

“No, I thank you,” said Mary. “I will take them with me. Good morning."

“Good morning, Miss. Come in again.”

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Let pupils give oral answers in complete sentences.
What did Frank get from his mother to sell ?
What did he tell Mary to use for money ?
What did she use for money ?
What kind of ribbon did Mary buy ?
How much did Mary give for a yard of ribbon ?
Why did she want to buy some cloth ?

Let pupils give written answers in complete sentences.

What did Mary give for a yard of cloth ?
What other things did she buy ?

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Little boys and girls, have you been told anything about George Washington ?

He was a great and good man, who lived many years ago.

After a while you will learn more about him, but what I tell you now, I hope you will never forget.

When George was a little boy, his father gave him a hatchet.

George was much pleased with his new hatchet, and went about the yard, trying it on trees and other things, to see how well it would cut.

His father had some trees that he took great care of, because their fruit was very fine. One of these was a small cherry tree. George did not think it

was wrong to cut the trees, so when he came to this tree he cut it down.

When his father saw what had been done, he did not like it, and sent for George.

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