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George,” said he, some one has cut down one of my fine trees. Do you know who did it ?"

Poor George saw at once that he had done wrong, but he was too good to tell a lie about it. It did not take him long to make up his mind what to do.

Looking up at his father, he said, Father, I did it. I

I can not tell a lie about it. I cut it with my. little hatchet."

His father was very much pleased to know that his boy would not tell a lie.

He took him in his arms, and said, “My dear boy, I would rather lose all my fine trees than have you tell one lie.”

I hope, my dear boys and girls, that you will try to be like George Washington-never tell a lie.


Let pupils fill the following blanks, and then change the

statements to questions.

George Washington had a little
He cut down a small
He did not think it was

to cut the

[blocks in formation]

Never tell a lie, my boy,

Always speak the truth.
If your life you would enjoy,

Always speak the truth.

Now, as in the coming years,

Always speak the truth. Save your heart from bitter tears,

Always speak the truth.

Be the matter what it may,

Always speak the truth. If at work, or if at play,

Always speak the truth.

Never from this rule depart,

Always speak the truth. Fix it deeply in your heart,

Always speak the truth.


Let pupils copy, and fill the blanks to make complete


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[blocks in formation]


Frank, will you go to the park with me?

“Yes, Mary, as soon as I get my ball. The boys are going to play

. ball, and I told them I would play with them.”

“I will take my hoop, and we will let Rover go with us. He likes to romp, and play on the grass."

“We will go to the lake first, Mary, and see the water birds.” “Wạter birds ?

What are they, Frank ?”

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* See engraving, page 6.





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“Swans, geese, and ducks water birds."

Why do you call them water birds, Frank ?"

Because they live on, or near, the water, and are web-footed.”'

“What do you mean by webfooted ?”

Why, you know, Mary. You have seen the geese and ducks out of the water. They have a skin between their toes.”

“O I know what you mean now. Is that why they swim so well ? ”

“Yes, all web-footed birds swim well.”


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“Here we are at the lake, and there are the swans. See what long necks they have! How pretty they look as they sail about on the water ! "

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