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They do look pretty, Mary. You see the ducks and geese do not have as long necks as the swans."

“See, Frank, one of the swans is on her nest. How near it is to the water !”

“Yes, swans make their nests of sticks and dry grass, and always near the water." “Look, look !

See those pretty little fish in the water !

“O yes, I see them. Give them some bread and see them eat it.”

Then Mary let some bits of bread fall into the water, and it was fun to see the fish try to get them.

. There were so many, that some were pushed clear out of the water by other fish trying to get the bread.

When the geese and ducks saw Mary feed the fish, they came up to get some bread.



As soon as the geese came near, old Rover began to bark at them.

The geese did not like that, so they put out their long necks and ran at him. “Hiss, hiss !!

said the geese. Quack, quack!” said the ducks, and Rover ran off.

It made Frank and Mary laugh to see the geese run after Rover. They tried to get him to come back, but he would not.

When Mary had used up all her bread, they went home and told their mother what they had seen at the park.


Let pupils write answers in complete sentences.

Where did Frank and Mary go to play ?
What kind of birds did they see there?
Why are they called web-footed ?
Where do swans build their nests ?
Of what do they build them ?

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“Father, did you ever hunt for deer ?”

Yes, Frank. Sit down, and I will tell you of a deer hunt I once had.




“It was when I was a young man. My father had a large farm, and on one part of it there were hills and many large trees.

We called that part of the farm the ‘Big Woods, and there were many wild deer there.

One day, I told some young men who lived near us, to bring their horses and dogs, and we would go on a deer hunt.

The next day they all came. There were five of us on horses and we had eleven dogs.

“ The dogs were foxhounds, and could run very fast.

“We rode over to the ‘Big Woods,' and sent the dogs in to find some deer.

“ The dogs knew very well what we were after, for they had been deer hunting before.


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“They started into the

the woods and we rode after them.

In a little while we heard them bark, and knew that they had found some deer.

“Our horses, too, seemed to know why the dogs were barking, and started to run after them as fast as they could go.

We tried to hold them back, because we were afraid that some of us would get hurt while they were running under the trees.

“But on they went, and soon we were near the dogs.

“We could not see the deer, but knew which way to go by the barking of the dogs.

“ We rode on in this way for about two miles, when we came to the open fields.'

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