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Let pupils make complete oral statements in answering

these questions.

Who told Frank about the deer hunt ?
Where on the farm did the deer live ?
How did the men hunt the deer ?
How many horses did they have ?
How many dogs were there ?
What kind of dogs were they ?

[blocks in formation]

Deer. A deer can run very fast.
Hound. A hound is a kind of dog.

Let pupils write something about a horse and a cow,

using the statements given above as models.

Let pupils copy the following words, and add such letters as

will make them mean more than one.

wien duch


dog "bird amt string race tre swan hound box

Let pupils write on their slates the names of ten objects

which they can see in the schoolroom.



à līve'

Swăm képt

fěn'çěs jūmped sůch föl'low

(jůmt) rīght thrown

be €āme' rīv'er

thôught jump'ing shout’ing swim'mîng

THE DEER HUNT-Continued.


As there were no trees in the fields, and the fences were low, we could now see the deer and the dogs running after them.

“ We then made our horses go faster, and away we went over fields, fences, and hills.

“The deer and the dogs jumped over the fences, and of course we had to make our horses jump over after them.

“ One of the young men was

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thrown from his horse while jumping a fence, and we all thought he was hurt.



But when he saw that we were about to stop, he cried out, ‘Go on, boys. I'm all right.

I'll soon catch up with you.'

“We were all glad that he was not hurt, and left him to follow



“By this time the dogs were quite near the deer.

For three miles we kept up the race, and with our shouting and the dogs' barking, we made a great noise.

“Of course this noise made the deer run all the faster, and when they came to a river that ran by our farm, they jumped right into it and swam to the other side.

The dogs did not stop for the river, and in they went, too.

“It looked very funny to see the eleven dogs swimming in the water.

But the deer had such a start that they all got away but a young one that was tired out.

We swam our horses over to this one, and did not let the dogs


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hurt him. We caught

caught him alive, and brought him home with us.

“We gave him to my sister, who took so good care of him that he soon became quite tame, and was a great pet with us all.”


What did the horses do when they came to fences ?
How was one man thrown from his horse ?
How did the deer get away at last ?

[blocks in formation]

Let pupils rule their slates into squares to correspond to the

diagram below, and then reproduce the drawing.

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