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[blocks in formation]

Do your best, your very best,

And do it every dayLittle boys and little girls,

That is the wisest way. No matter what you try to do,

At home or at your school, Always do your very best

There is no better rule.

So if you read your little book,

Or if you learn to spell,
Or if you play with hoop or ball,

Be sure to do it well.

If, boys and girls, you do your best,

Your best will better grow, But if you slight your daily task,

You'll let the better go.

What if your lessons should be hard | !

Do not give up to sorrow; For if you bravely work to-day,

You'll surely win to-morrow.

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Let pupils fill the following blanks with single words, so at

to form complete statements.


Ships .


play. sing

sail marche



[blocks in formation]

Maud had a cold and could not leave her room. But papa' came to give her a kiss every day before he went away. “O what nice toast !” said he,

, one morning “I wish you would ask me to take tea with you, Maud, and give me some toast like that.

“ What fun it would be ! Do come, papa'! How shall I ask

What shall I say ? »

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you ?


To the teacher. – Hereafter plurals regularly formed, possessives, compounds, and simple derivatives, are not included in the “New Words.”

66 6.

You must say

'Miss Maud will be pleased to have her papa' take tea and toast with her this evening at six o'clock.'

“Do not forget the toast.”



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Very well, that is just what I do say,” said Maud.

“Well, I will come,” said papa'. “Now, good-by.

I must go

to march with the soldiers."

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“O then you will come in your uniform, papa' ? I love to see you in your uniform ! "

Do you ?” said her papa'. “Well, if a tall soldier is to take tea with you, I hope you will have something very nice for him.”

“Of course I will. I will make the tea myself.”

“All right,” said papa'.

So papa' came in his blue uniform with brass buttons.

What fun it was ! Maud poured out the tea.

How many cups of tea papa' did drink! How well he liked the toast !

He kept saying, Nurse, bring some more, if you please. I'm not asked out to tea every day.”

Then Maud laughed and papa' laughed, and they were as merry as two little birds in a tree.


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