Gaillard's Medical Journal, Volume 45

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Page 482 - A REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Embracing the Entire Range of Scientific and Practical Medicine and Allied Science. By Various Writers.
Page 80 - EARTH AS A TOPICAL APPLICATION IN SURGERY. Being a full Exposition of its use in all the Cases requiring Topical Applications admitted in the Surgical Wards of the Pennsylvania Hospital during a period of Six Months. With Four full-page Illustrations.
Page 291 - We BELIEVE in thee that thou art EVERYWHERE present. We really believe it. Blessed Reality, we do not pretend to believe, think we believe, believe that we believe. WE BELIEVE. Believing that Thou art everywhere present, we believe that Thou art in this patient's stomach, in every fibre, in every cell, in every atom ; that Thou art the sole, only Reality of that stomach. Heavenly, Holy. Reality, we will...
Page 395 - Generosity he has, such as is possible to those who practice an art, never to those who drive a trade; discretion, tested by a hundred secrets; tact, tried in a thousand embarrassments; and what are more important, Heraclean cheerfulness and courage. So it is that he brings air and cheer into the sickroom, and often enough, though not so often as he wishes, brings healing.
Page 376 - In the introduction of the hydrocarbons, which are important factors in the production of animal heat, alcohol presents a form of hydrocarbon which is promptly oxidized, and in which absorption can take place without preparation by digestion. (12) Precisely in so far as it is oxidized in the body, alcohol furnishes matter which is consumed in the excessive production of heat in fever, and saves destruction and degeneration of tissue. (13) The introduction of matters consumed in the production of...
Page 165 - ... to brush the posterior surface of the soft palate and the adjacent parts. The immediate effects of these manoeuvres differ in different persons and in the same person at different times. In all cases the effects are more or less disagreeable, and last from half an hour to half a day. Sometimes a little blood-stained mucus is discharged from the nose and throat...
Page 198 - From the evidence of all these facts, we think it certain that the inoculations practised by M. Pasteur on persons bitten by rabid animals have prevented the occurrence of hydrophobia in a large proportion of those who, if they had not been so inoculated, would have died of that disease.
Page 395 - He is the flower (such as it is) of our civilization, and when that stage of man is done with, and only remembered to be marvelled at in history, he will be thought to have shared as little as any in the defects of the period, and most notably exhibited the virtues of ihe race. Generosity he has, such as is possible to those who practice an art, never to those who drive a trade...
Page 144 - In summer, when ready for delivery, the top should t>e placed on the can and a cloth wet in cold water should be spread over the can, or refrigerator cans may be used. At no season should the milk be frozen ; but no buyer should receive milk which has a temperature higher than 65° F.
Page 394 - I have much pleasure in expressing my satisfaction with the results I have obtained by the use of ALETRIS CORDIAL. One of my patients who had miscarried three times previously, took ALETRIS CORDIAL during the last three months of pregnancy, and was delivered of a fine, healthy boy. I ordered it at her own solicitation, as she expressed so much ease and comfort after the use of the first bottle. I am now giving it to two more patients, who have miscarried several times before, and am in hopes of good...

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