Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Wisconsin for the Year Ending ..., Volume 19

Front Cover
Wisconsin State Board of Health, 1903
1902/04- include also reports on the vital statistics of the state. From 1906/08- these rports are compiled by the State Bureau of Vita Statistics.

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Page 14 - ... and stopping of all orifices with absorbent cotton, and (c) washing the body with the disinfectant, all of which must be done by an embalmer holding a certificate as such...
Page 95 - ... to call a conference upon the application of not less than five state or territorial boards of health, quarantine authorities, or state health officers, each of said states and territories joining in such request to be represented by one delegate.
Page 109 - Report relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, and of Divorce, in the State of Rhole Island, for the year ending December 31, 1899.
Page 16 - It is intended that no dead body shall be moved which may be the means of spreading disease, therefore, all disinterred bodies, dead from any disease or cause, will be treated as infectious and dangerous to the public health, and will not be accepted for transportation unless said removal has been approved by the State Board of Health, and the consent of the health...
Page 39 - Board against the town of , county of , in this state, and asking me to write a letter to the town board demanding payment of said claim. In reply I would say that I think if .the town insists upon not paying this .there is no way to compel its...
Page 14 - ... hermetically sealed, and all enclosed in a strong, tight wooden box. Or the body being prepared for shipment by disinfecting and wrapping as above, may be placed in a strong coffin or casket, and said coffin or casket encased in an air-tight zinc, copper, or tin-lined box, all joints and seams hermetically soldered.
Page 13 - Fever, Typhoid Fever, Erysipelas, Measles and other contagious, infectious or communicable diseases must be wrapped in a sheet thoroughly saturated with a strong solution of bi-chloride of mercury, in the proportion of one ounce of bi-chloride of mercury to a gallon of water; and encased in an air-tight zinc, tin, copper or lead [lined] coffin, or.
Page 112 - Annual Report of the Superintendent of Health of the City of Providence for the year ending December 31, 1900.
Page 95 - ... to be called, to prepare and distribute suitable and necessary forms for the collection and compilation of such statistics, and said statistics, when transmitted to the...
Page 25 - ... for the speedy and private interment of the bodies of persons who have died from said diseases ; and, in emergency, for providing those sick with said diseases with necessary medical aid and with temporary hospitals for their accommodation and for the accommodation of their nurses and attendants.

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