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of the

State Government of Virginia

Report on a Survey made for the Governor and
his Committee on Consolidation
and Simplification

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We submit herewith to you and to His Excellency, Governor Harry F. Byrd, our report on the organization and management of the State government of Virginia. The survey upon which this report is based was undertaken in accordance with your instructions in May, 1926. During the months that have since intervened, a detailed study was made of all the departments, boards, commissions, institutions, and agencies of the State government. The survey was under the general direction of Mr. A. E. Buck, who also acted as editor of this report. While the report may seem somewhat lengthy, it has been made as concise as seems advisable, considering the fact that the survey is one of the most comprehensive thus far made of any State government in the United States.

We cannot transmit this report to you without expressing our deep appreciation of the co-operation and assistance which we have received not alone from you and the Governor, but also from the officers and employees of the State government. There has been a spirit of hospitality accorded us which has placed us under deep obligation to the people of Virginia.

Respectfully yours,



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