Medical Record, Volume 12

Front Cover
George Frederick Shrady, Thomas Lathrop Stedman
W. Wood., 1877

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Page 284 - York, as their medical department, under the name of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of New York.
Page 215 - I am therefore of the opinion, that bad air alone, acting as the primal cause, may set in train a series of morbid processes, which may, and often do affect, not only the working capacity and integrity of the organ, but which may lead even to its total destruction.
Page 87 - IN THE TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE SKIN. By L. Duncan Bulkley, AM, MD, Physician to the Skin Department. Demilt Dispensary, New York...
Page 192 - In round numbers, of ten persons attacked by insanity, five recover, and five die, sooner or later, during the attack ; of the five who recover, not more than two remain well during the rest of their lives ; the other three sustain subsequent attacks, during which at least two of them die.
Page 305 - A month or two after this time Dr. CW Long cut out the other tumor situated on the same side of my neck. In this operation I did not feel the least pain until the last cut was made, when I felt a little pain. In this operation I stopped inhaling the ether before the operation was finished. " I inhaled the ether, in both cases, from a towel, which was the common method of taking it.
Page 298 - ... and any person filing, or attempting to file, as his own, the diploma or certificate of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, shall be guilty of a felony, and upon conviction shall be subject to such fine and imprisonment as are made and provided by the statutes of this State for the crime of forgery...
Page 242 - MD, were unanimously adopted. WHEREAS, It has pleased an all-wise Providence to remove from this earth our colleague, Dr.
Page 357 - The effects desired, and certainly as a rule produced, are a decided reduction of temperature, a marked diminution in the frequency of the pulse, a decided moisture of the skin or free sweating, a slower and more easy respiration, or relief from pain, and the feeling of fullness...
Page 186 - I should otherwise do. In first confinements it may be used in the first state of the labor, so soon as the woman takes to bed. I make use of a glass syringe, an inch in diameter, without a nozzle.
Page 216 - Germany that for a class-room containing twenty persons, there should be at least 4000 to 6000 square inches of glass, which would give to each scholar from 200 to 300 square inches, or what would be represented by a pane of glass from 14 to 17 inches square. Such a room as this would be sufficiently lighted in any part. A room 20 feet square should not contain less than. 70 to 80 square feet of glass, and it may be laid down as a rule that too much light cannot be obtained in a room, as all excess...

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