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wrecks, 1820

See also Navigation

Vestibules on cars, 2079

exemption from taxation, 816

memorials to, 2370
organizations, 2420
pensions, 2406

preference in civil service, 762
soldiers homes, 2415
suffrage, 141

war records, 2379

Veterinarians, 1588

state, 1144

Veto power, governor, 45

mayor, 2471

Villages, see Municipalities

Vinegar, 1014

Vital statistics, 938

Voters, assistance to, 183

bribery, 153
intimidation, 156
lists, 190

protection for, 151
qualifications, 128
registration, 187
residence, 142
women, 146

See also Elections

Voting, 174

illegal, 155

machines, 185

Wage lien, 420

Wages, 2100

War records, 2379

relics, 2378

Wards and guardians, 444

Warehouses, 1508

Warrants, 853, 864

local finance, 2585


commissioners, 2654

companies, 2655

drinking, in workshops, 2050

mains and meters, interference / with, 320

pollution of, 1079

power companies, 581

rights, 1190

storage, 1190

tax, 2652

weights and measures, 1457 Watering stock, 1887

Waters, control of, 1180

public, 1818 state, 1908 Waterways, 1800

sewerage, 2676 Waterworks, 2648

state buildings, 797 Weapons, 262

Weather and crop service, 1832 Weeds

agriculture, 1854

nuisance, 1089

roads, 2744


grain, 1519

tobacco, 1525

Weight of loads, 2744 (5 Weights and measures, 1424 Wharves, 1804

Wheat products, 1459

Widows of soldiers

homes, 2418

pensions and relief, 2413

Wild animals, on roads, 2746

noxious, 1856

Wills, 425

contest of, 432

foreign, 433

probate of, 431

Wire fences, 388

civil procedure, 218
criminal procedure, 716

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University of the State of New York
New York State Library




In order that the State Library may adequately fulfil its function as the state legislative library it is made the duty of the sociology division (1) to develop the resources of the library along lines of legislation and administration and (2) so to organize these resources that they will be readily available for use in consideration of legislative problems.

The library contains 361,294 bound volumes and 324,069 pamphlets. Of the volumes about 102,000 are in law and sociology. A large part of the books in law and sociology and a considerable part of the remaining relate to legislation. The collection of state and United States documents is particularly valuable. These collections form merely the raw material of a legislative library, no miscellaneous collection of books however great being worthy that name til indexed or classified with reference to problems of legislation.

Some work has been done toward making this great mass of material more readily available. Card indexes have been prepared of the session laws since 1890 of all states, of books treating comparatively laws and systems of other states, and of New York Senate and Assembly documents; and a few annotated reference lists on important subjects of legislation have been compiled. The sociology librarian with the use of these and other indexes attempts so far as possible to aid state officers and members of the Legislature in finding information needed in considering legislative and administrative problems. As yet, however, little more than a beginning has been made toward a proper organization of the resources of the library for this purpose. Such an

organization involves an index to the books, chapters and articles relating to each subject of legislation and an annotated list on each of the more important topics.

Reference lists. Reference lists have been prepared from time to time on topics under discussion in the Legislature and annotated lists have been published on central control of police, municipal home rule and municipal ownership.

Index of New York documents. Card index of New York Senate and Assembly documents 1840 to date. The Senate and Assembly documents include the reports of state departments, institutions, special investigating commissions, and legislative committees. As there is no printed index of these documents more recent than 1888, this index is an almost indispensable aid to the use of the numerous valuable special reports contained in the documents. The index is an alphabetic subject list and contains about 9000 entries.

Index of state legislation. Minutely classified summary or index of the general laws of all the states since 1890. About 45,000 laws are included. It furnishes a comprehensive view of existing laws on many subjects and greatly facilitates comparative researches on almost every topic. In a state that has had no recent revision of its statutes the index often serves as a convenient supplement to the compiled statutes.

File of state legislation. Collection of the laws (beginning with 1903) included in the above index. The separate laws are placed in a vertical file, classified according to the same system as are the cards in the above card index.

Index to comparative treatises. Card index of books and articles treating comparatively the laws and administrative systems of cities, states and foreign countries. This index was begun in 1900 and now contains about 800 titles. While many comparative treatises are in existence, they are usually published as part of a public document or as a chapter of a book and, therefore, are not usually brought out in bibliographies and library catalogues. In undertaking any comparative investigation, the student desires

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