Farm Ballads

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G. Routledge and Sons, 1879 - 103 pages
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Page 69 - WHEN I can read my title clear To mansions in the skies, I bid farewell to every fear, And wipe my weeping eyes.
Page 97 - CARLETON. My business on the jury's done — the quibblin' all is through — I've watched the lawyers, right and left, and give my verdict true ; I stuck so long unto my chair, I thought I would grow in ; And if I do not know myself, they'll get me there ag'in. But now the court's adjourned for good, and I have got my pay ; I'm loose ut last, and thank the Lord, I'm goin
Page 70 - I pitched it pretty middlin' high, I fetched a lusty tone, But oh, alas ! I found that I Was singing there alone ! They laughed a little, I am told ; But I had done my best ; And not a wave of trouble rolled Across my peaceful breast. And Sister Brown — I could but look — She sits right front of me ; She never was no singin' book, An' never went to be ; But then she al'ays tried to do The best she could, she said ; She understood the time right through, An...
Page 3 - There is a little hard money that's drawin' tol'rable pay: A couple of hundred dollars laid by for a rainy day; Safe in the hands of good men, and easy to get at; Put in another clause there, and give her half of that. Yes, I see you smile, sir, at my givin...
Page 6 - I ought to've held my temper, and driven straight ahead; And the more I thought it over the more these memories came, And the more I struck the opinion that I was the most to blame. And things I had long forgotten kept risin...
Page 72 - And to see the way they eat makes me like eatin' feel And Jane won't say to-night that I don't make out a meal. Well said ! The door is locked ! but here she's left the key, Under the step, in a place known only to her and me ; I wonder who's dyin' or dead, that she's hustled off pellmell ; But here on the table's a note, and probably this will tell. Good God, my wife is gone ! my wife is gone astray ! The letter it says,
Page 4 - I for a time was counted the luckiest man in town. Once when I had a fever — I won't forget it soon — I was hot as a basted turkey and crazy as a loon ; Never an hour went by me when she was out of. sight : She nursed me true and tender, and stuck to me day and night. And if ever a house was tidy, and ever a kitchen clean, Her house and kitchen was tidy as any I ever seen ; And I don't complain of Betsey, or any of her acts, Exceptin' when we've quarrelled and told each other facts.
Page 75 - I've spoke be changed to scorpion stings ! Oh, she filled my heart with joy, she emptied my heart of doubt, And now, with a scratch of a pen, she lets my heart's blood out ! Curse her ! curse her ! say I ; she'll some time rue this day...
Page 1 - What is the matter?" say you? I swan it's hard to tell ! Most of the years behind us we've passed by very well ; I have no other woman, she has no other man — Only we've lived together as long as we ever can.
Page 14 - Nancy, over our house that's new, But we felt as proud under this old roof, and a good deal prouder, too. Never a handsomer house was seen beneath the sun : Kitchen and parlor and bedroom — we had 'em all in one; And the fat old wooden clock that we bought when we come West, Was tickin' away in the corner there, and doin

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