Transformation: or, The romance of Monte Beni, Volume 3; Volume 574

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Page 8 - The Life of Mahomet and History of Islam to the Era of the Hegira. By WILLIAM MUIR, Esq., Bengal Civil Service. Two Volumes Svo, price 32s.
Page 17 - Price 8/. 8s. cloth. A Handbook of Average. With a Chapter on Arbitration. By Manley Hopkins. Second Edition, Revised and brought down to the present time. 8vo. Price 15s. cloth; 17s. 6d. halfbound law calf. Manual of the Mercantile Law Of Great Britain and Ireland. By Leone Levi, Esq. 8vo. Price 12s. cloth. Commercial Law of the World.
Page 9 - Vol. III. OF MANY THINGS. With Eighteen Illustrations drawn by the Author, and engraved on Steel. Price 38s. cloth. Vol. IV. ON MOUNTAIN BEAUTY. With Thirty-five Illustrations engraved on Steel, and 116 Woodcuts, drawn by the Author. Price Zl. 10s. cloth. Vol. V. OF LEAF BEAUTY; OF CLOUD BEAUTY; OF IDEAS OF RELATION.
Page 281 - Sin has educated Donatello, and elevated him. Is sin, then — which we deem such a dreadful blackness in the universe — is it, like sorrow, merely an element of human education, through which we struggle to a higher and purer state than we could otherwise have attained ? Did Adam fall, that we might ultimately rise to a far loftier paradise than his...
Page 6 - Narrative of the Mission from the GovernorGeneral of India to the Court of Ava in 1855. "With Notices of the Country, Government, and People.
Page 10 - This book is one which, perhaps, no other man could have written, and one for which the world ought to be and will be thankful. It is in the highest degree eloquent, acute, stimulating to thought, and fertile in suggestion. It shows a power of practical criticism which, when fixed on a definite object, nothing absurd or evil can withstand ; and a power of appreciation which has restored treasures of beauty to mankind.
Page 21 - THE CAUVERY, KISTNAH, AND GODAVERY : BEING A REPORT ON THE WORKS CONSTRUCTED ON THOSE RIVERS, FOR THE IRRIGATION OF PROVINCES IN THE PRESIDENCY OF MADRAS. By R. BAIRD SMITH, FGS, Lt.-Col. Bengal Engineers, &c., &c. In demy 8vo, with 19 Plans, price 28s. cloth. "A most curious and interesting work."— Economist.
Page 281 - This is terrible ; and I could weep for you, if you indeed believe it. Do not you perceive what a mockery your creed makes, not only of all religious sentiments, but of moral law ? and how it annuls and obliterates whatever precepts of Heaven are written deepest within us ? You have shocked me beyond words...
Page 10 - We conceive it to be impossible that any intelligent persons could listen to the lectures, however they might differ from the judgments asserted, and from the general propositions laid down, without an elevating influence and an aroused enthusiasm...
Page 233 - Was the crime — in which he and I were wedded — was it a blessing, in that strange disguise ? Was it a means of education, bringing a simple and imperfect nature to a point of feeling and intelligence which it could have reached under no other discipline ? " "You stir up deep and perilous matter, Mil iam,

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