Annual Report of the Commissioner of the Banking Department of the State of Michigan

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Page lv - ... the discount of bills of exchange drawn in good faith against actually existing values and the discount of commercial or business paper actually owned by the person negotiating the same shall not be considered as money borrowed : * * * Provided, however.
Page xli - Federal reserve bank shall transact any business except such as is incidental and necessarily preliminary to its organization until it has been authorized by the Comptroller of the Currency to commence business under the provisions of this Act.
Page lvi - The stockholders of every bank shall be individually liable, equally and ratably, and not one for another, for the benefit of the depositors in said bank to the amount of their stock at the par value thereof, in addition to the said stock...
Page lxii - person' may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate as well as to individuals.
Page lxvi - Such liability may be enforced in a suit at law or in equity by any such bank in process of liquidation, or by any receiver, or other officer succeeding to the legal rights of said bank.
Page liii - ... Neither the legislature nor any municipal authority shall grant or authorize extra compensation to any public officer, agent, employe or contractor after the service has been rendered or the contract entered into. Salaries of public officers, except circuit judges, shall not be increased, nor shall the salary of any public officer be decreased, after election or appointment.
Page lxiii - The board of trustees shall take from such banks such security in public bonds or other securities, supported by the taxing power, as the board may prescribe, approve, and deem sufficient and necessary to insure the safety and prompt payment of such deposits on demand.
Page lxviii - ... notes, bills or other evidences of debt, the payment of which is secured by the deposit with the bank, of collateral security consisting of personal property or securities of known marketable value, worth ten per cent more than the amount so loaned and interest for the time of the loan...
Page xlv - ... said bank and ascertain the facts, and in case he finds such impairment or reduction of capital, he shall require such bank to make good the deficiency so appearing within sixty days after the date of such requisition.
Page xxxvii - That the total liabilities to any association, of any person, or of any company, corporation, or firm for money borrowed, including in the liabilities of a company or firm the liabilities of the several members thereof, shall at no time exceed one-tenth part of the amount of the capital stock of such association actually paid in...

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