The Revised Ordinances of the City of Boston: As Passed Prior to December 31, 1882 : Being the Eighth Revision to which are Added the Revised Regulations of the Board of Alderman

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Rockwell and Churchill, 1882 - 242 pages

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Page 154 - ... that no keeper of such shop shall, directly or indirectly, either purchase, or , receive by way of barter or exchange, any of the articles aforesaid, of any minor or apprentice...
Page 82 - ... such rules and regulations as may be made by the board of aldermen, be placed in a street for the purpose of being sold at public auction.
Page 149 - ... in any part of a building occupied in whole, or in part, as a dwelling-house ; nor upon any floor of a building above the first floor...
Page 58 - ... in the pods, and green corn in the inner husks,) which have not previously been divested of such parts or appendages as are not commonly used for food ; and no person shall have such parts or appendages in his possession, in any...
Page 25 - He shall have the care and custody of the city records and of all documents, maps, plans and papers of the city, respecting the care and custody of which no other provision is made. He shall attend all meetings of the board of aldermen, and all meetings of both branches of the city council, when met in convention, and he shall keep records of the proceedings at all such meetings.
Page 140 - The Museum shall be open for inspection every day on which the Public Library is opened, from ten o'clock in the morning till two in the afternoon, and from four o'clock till six in the evening, during the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September ; and from eleven in the morning till three in the afternoon, during the remainder of the year.
Page 107 - But when a city or town does not devote such building exclusively to municipal uses, but lets it or a part of it for its own advantage and emolument, by receiving rents, or otherwise, it is liable while it is so let in the same manner as a private owner would be.
Page 85 - ... or any person having the care of such building or lot, to cause such sidewalk to be made safe and convenient, by removing the ice therefrom, or by covering the same with sand or some other suitable substance ; and in case such owner, or...
Page 66 - ... in necessitous circumstances; and also to the relief of the widows and orphans, in necessitous circumstances, of police officers who have died while in the service of the city.
Page 138 - Penalties for neglect of public officers to perform their duty under this chapter. Any officer who shall neglect or refuse to perform his duty under the provisions of this chapter, shall be liable to a penalty of five hundred dollars for each and every offense, and if such officer be a county treasurer or district attorney, he shall be removed from office by the governor after hearing and determination thereon and decision that such neglect or refusal has occurred.

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