Carols of the Coast: A Collection of Songs, Ballads and Legends, Original and Translated

Front Cover
Nova Scotia Printing Company, 1892 - 288 pages

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Page 215 - Piping down the valleys wild, Piping songs of pleasant glee, On a cloud I saw a child, And he laughing said to me: "Pipe a song about a Lamb!' So I piped with merry cheer. 'Piper, pipe that song again;
Page 268 - How long thine ever-growing mind Hath still'd the blast and strown the wave, Tho' some of late would raise a wind To sing thee to thy grave...
Page 257 - Pity mad with passion, anguish mad with shame, Call aloud on justice by her darker name ; Love grows hate for love's sake; life takes death for guide. Night hath none but one red star — Tyrannicide. in " God or man, be swift ; hope sickens with delay : Smite, and send him howling down his father's way...
Page 150 - L'amant que j'adore , Prêt à me quitter, D'un instant encore Voulait profiter. Félicité vaine Qu'on ne peut saisir, Trop près de la peine Pour être un plaisir!
Page 197 - But there shall come a king, and confess you religiouses, and beat you as the Bible telleth for breaking of your rule ; . . . . then shall the abbot of Abingdon, and all his issue forever, have a knock of a king, and incurable the wound." Here the query arises as to Langland's attitude toward Wiclif and the tendency he represented. In all practical questions, Langland and Wiclif were of the same opinion. We find in both the same main ethical purpose, the same wrath at the moral decay of the church,...
Page 143 - Segler — Schiller. AY, though the social martyr-stake Be planted for opinion's sake, It is not self-deceiving To hold, unawed, unrecompensed, Despite a thousand creeds incensed, One simple steadfast faith against A whole world unbelieving. Before the true-souled Genoese There rolled the most unknown of seas. All other shipmen shunned it. Dark mystery on its outmost edge Lay like an adamantine hedge. His bold prow cleft it like a wedge, And found a world beyond it.
Page 75 - And the tenderest affection they brought Took root in thy stoniest soil. How simple, how few the delights They found in this tenantless coast ; Yet the land of Arabian Nights Not deeper contentment could boast. They faced with a Puritan psalm The roughest encounters of life, And bore in their bosoms a calm Through the winds and the waters at strife.
Page 3 - The family bihle on that shelf there — On this, a whiskey flask ; That closet used for secret prayer, And this for a smuggled cask ! But when the village chapel swarmed With clergy and with lay, We saw him suddenly transformed That yearly meeting day ; His charities were roused and warmed Like a snake in the...
Page 29 - It was much that a village our works should discuss, It was more that some persons detested the sound ; Approbation was never so pleasant to us As the anger which showed that our satire could [wound.
Page 245 - ... roused them to a loftier tone Than e'er before or since was known ; His genius, paling from the skies, Illumined for admiring eyes Those twin stars o'er a sun's decline — A mistress fair, a glass of wine ! O genius ! how superbly near It brings the ploughman to the peer, Till worlds that glimmered on the sight Receive from them full warmth and light.

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