The Woman's Medical Journal, Volume 25

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Recorder Publishing Company, 1915
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Page 101 - All the rivers run into the sea ; yet the sea is not full ; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again.
Page 206 - THE PRINCIPLES OF BACTERIOLOGY. A practical manual for students and physicians. By AC Abbott, MD, Professor of Hygiene and Bacteriology, and Director of the Laboratory of Hygiene, University of Pennsylvania.
Page 36 - At the time of such registry every person who produces, imports, manufactures, compounds, deals in, dispenses, sells, distributes, or gives away any of the said drugs is required to pay to the collector a special tax of $1 per annum.
Page 12 - A person duly authorized to practice physic or surgery, or a professional or registered nurse, shall not be allowed to disclose any information which he acquired in attending a patient in a professional capacity, and which was necessary to enable him to act in that capacity...
Page 222 - You must bring out of each word its practical cash-value, set it at work within the stream of your experience. It appears less as a solution, then, than as a program for more work, and more particularly as an indication of the ways in which existing realities may be changed. Theories thus become instruments, not answers to enigmas, in which we can rest. We don't lie back upon them, we move forward, and, on occasion, make nature over again by their aid.
Page 41 - Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth!
Page 103 - June 17th21st, inclusive. It assembles pursuant to invitation of the President of the United States issued in accordance with an act of Congress approved March 3, 1915. The countries and colonies embraced in the Congress are the Argentine...
Page 37 - ... which do not contain more than 2 grains of opium, or more than one-fourth of a grain of morphine, or more than one-eighth of a grain of heroin, or more than 1 grain of codeine, or any salt or derivative of any of them in 1 fluid ounce, or, if a solid or semisolid preparation, in 1 avoirdupois ounce...
Page 118 - Pepto-Mangan (Gude). When a hematinic is indicated for a nervous, cranky man, or a finicky, more or less hysterical woman, Pepto-Mangan is peculiarly serviceable, as the patient cannot consistently object to the taste, which is agreeable to every one. The digestion is not interfered with in the least, constipation is not induced, and the blood-constructing effect of the remedy is prompt and certain. It is always worthy of trial not only in the anemia of the neurasthenic invalid, but also in all conditions...
Page 175 - He said there were lions in the house, and that he did not want to stay alone, as he was afraid they would eat him. The source of the idea had been that the lions had roared more loudly than usual on that particular afternoon, and he had been much impressed, standing for some time quite motionless before the cage, though unterrified.

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