Karmath, by the author of 'Rameses'.

Front Cover
1827 - 120 pages

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Page 203 - ... attended to the performance of religious rites, neglecting the attainment of a knowledge of God,) " thou hast, O ** Sun, concealed by thy illuminating body the way to " the true Being, who rules in thee. Take off that ** veil for the guidance of me thy true devotee.
Page iv - Mahomet, with the sword in one hand and the Koran in the other, erected his throne on the ruins of Christianity and of Rome.
Page 25 - Thy lot or portion of life," said the Caliph Ali, "is seeking after thee; therefore be at rest from seeking after it." Our dependence on these foreign goods leads us to our slavish respect for numbers. The political parties meet in numerous conventions; the greater the concourse, and with each new uproar of announcement, The delegation from Essex! The Democrats from New Hampshire ! The Whigs of Maine ! the young patriot...
Page 332 - N'en parlons pas davantage, et venons aux peuples policés. Les Égyptiens sont les premiers où l'on ait su les règles du gouvernement. Cette nation grave et sérieuse connut d'abord la vraie fin de la politique, qui est de rendre la vie commode et les peuples heureux.
Page 203 - Cushyup, dis" perse thy rays for my passage, and withdraw thy " violent light, so that I may by thy grace behold thy
Page iii - Whose game was empires and whose stakes were thrones? Whose table earth—whose dice were human bones ? Behold the grand result in yon lone isle, And, as thy nature urges, weep or smile.
Page 42 - ... blood, he aimed at the furious animal, which roaring in agony, and rearing on its hind legs, was in the very act of overwhelming Jam!; the high strung nerve kept firm to its purpose, the ball passed through the panther's heart, and with a deep growl he fell backward by the side of the lacerated Adalia, who, seeing his friend preserved, uttered a cry of joy, and fainted from loss of blood and excess of emotion.
Page 13 - ... scorching flame, pouring forth a withering blight and mildew on all around; no grass, no budding flower, no fragrant blossom lives within the sphere of this doleful ruin, but one solitary wonderful majestic object, rearing its leafy head near the mysterious walls of the adjoining gigantic mound, which still retain their name of Al Kasr, the palace. The whole circumference of the pile (composed of relics of millions of highlyfinished bricks) is fallen, destroyed, and ruined; and in the centre...
Page 167 - Adalia's form ; it was but a moment ere it dissolved into air, and Jam! beheld himself and Heman alone in the hall. Resigned to his fate, as he saw Adalia had been preserved—" Now, destiny, accomplish thy decrees !
Page 333 - READ DIXON. Crown 8vo. bds. price 10s. 6d. Ornamented with an elegantly engraved Frontispiece, and 43 beautifully designed Wood-cuts by first rate Artists. " This is a pleasing and graceful little volume ; it does not to be sure consist of poetry in its highest moods, neither does it pretend to be of that class. It is strictly a

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