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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

BEN JONSON's Discoveries.



Printed for



C. Baldwin, Printer,

New Bridge-street, London.




Abernethy, Mr. his opinions on the Phreno-
logical System, 200.

Academy of Taste for Grown Gentlemen,

Actors, the Old, 349-Matthew's, gallery
of, 349.

Adamson, Nathan, narrative of, 152.
Agricultural Report (MONTHLY REGIS-
TER), 1, 17, 33, 49, 65, 81.
Ale, 33.

Allan Lorburne, First Tale, 421; Second
Tale, 537.

Ampelus, the Story of, from Nonnus, 339,


Amusements, Christmas, 495; French,

Angerstein, Mr., his Collection of Pic-
tures, 489.

Animals, on Cruelty to, 530.
Armstrong, Dr. Life of, 241.

Art and Nature, essential difference be-
tween, 87.

Atrabilious Reflections on Melancholy, 277.
Authors, leading, causes of their popularity
explained, 436.

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Cameos and Intaglios, 451.

Candles, why they burn blue in the pre-
sence of a ghost, 133.
Canova, 288.

Caxton, his eulogium on the Earl of Wor-
cester, 149.


Celebrity from trifles, 562.
Characters: W. Warpentree, 65-Baillie
Burnewin, 67-Lowrie Linchpin, 70-
Lieut. E-102-Harry Woodriff, 104
-John Corson, 153 John Crombie,
159 a Hypochondriac, 250-Suett,
349-Munden, 350-Tom Barnes, 390
-Walking Stewart, 410-Cosway, the
painter, 409-Boatswain Borthwick,
425-Joseph Paice, 454-the Sailor's
Widow, 538, 546-Old B- the Sailor,'
560-John Munro, 569.

Bachelor's complaint of Married People, Charles I., his courtship of the Infanta of

[blocks in formation]

Spain, 564.

Childhood, on revisiting the scenes of, 549.
Chinese Tale, Hoti and Bobo, 245.
Christmas, a Few Words on, 495-Christ-
mas Eve, 495-Christmas Day, 496.
Cicognara, his catalogue of illustrated
works, 287.

Clare, J. Wanderings in June, 5-Sonnet,
272-The Last of Autumn, 413.
Cleopatra, Jodelle's Tragedy of, 80.
Cockneyism of the French, 293.
Cockney's Rural Sports, 498.
Cockpit Royal, 389-qualifications o
Cocks, 393-description of the Cockpi
398-company, 399-battle, 400.
Coleridge, Mr. his superiority to Mason

Collectors, directions for, 447-stat
449-cameos and intaglios 451.

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Diodorus Siculus, his character of the Gauls,

Dissertation upon Roast Pig, 245.
Drama, JULY. Kean; Roman Actor,
85-Mountaineers; Kean and Kemble's
Octavian, 86-The Waterman, 87-
projected alterations at Drury Lane;
Haymarket Theatre, 88-Bill of Fare;
Mrs. Chatterley; Oxberry; Beggar's
Opera, 89-AUG. Summer Theatres;
English Opera-house, 185-Haymarket;
Liston, John Buzzby, Peter Fin, 186-
Love among the Roses; All in the
Dark; Gil Blas, 187-SEPT. English
Opera-house; Gil Blas, 279-Gordon,
the Gipsy, 230-Ocт. English Opera-
house; remarks on the present state of
the Drama, 313-Gretna Green, 314—
Fair Gabrielle; the Haymarket; Morn-
ing, Noon, and Night, 375-Nov. New

anecdotes of, 458.

Eustace de Ribaumont, 325.
Eustace, Mr. incorrectly censured by Mr.
Hobhouse, 79.

Faces, 322.

Falls of Ohiopyle, 48.
Fishing, Cockney, 507.
Flaminio, translation from, of a Hymn to
the Morning, 77.

French, passage from Diodorus Siculus, il-
lustrative of their character, 387.

Poets: Etienne Jodelle, 80-

Philippe Desportes, 204-Jean Bertaut,

361-Maurice Sceve, 413-Guillaume

Des Autels, 416.

Pretensions, 293-national cha-

racter, 294-patriotism, 295-poetry,

296-music, 297-painting, 298-use-

ful arts, 300-politeness, 302-travel-

ling, 499.

[blocks in formation]

Gall and Spurzheim's System, 198-Aber-

nethy's opinion of, 200.

Gallantry, Modern, 453.

Gentle Giantess, the, 529.

Ghosts, 133.

Gibson, sculptor, 288.
Glyptotheca, at Munich, 484.

Gray, his character of Mason, 12-like-
ness of, 13-his poetry, 563.
Guiraud, M. his tragedy of Les Macha-
bées, 341.

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Munich, new gallery and riding-house at,


Munro, John, singular character, 569.
Murat, Napoleon's character of, 56.
Murillos, Soult's collection of, 116.
Museo Borgia, 484.

Music, French, 297-compared with Poetry
and Painting, 354.

Music, Report of: general remarks on the
present state of music, concerts, 90-
Catalani, Mr. H. Field, Master Ormsby,
Oratorio, 91-Mansion-house concert,
Kiesewitter, Mori, new publications,
The Grace Book, The Law of Java,
Bishop, 92-Mr. J. Cooke's Overture,
93 the Royal Academy of Music, 181
-Concerts, 183-Mr. Moschelles's, Mr.
Lafont's, new publications, Stiebel

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