The Hahnemannian Monthly, Volume 24

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LaBarre Printing Company, 1889
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Page 527 - The dissemination among the people of the knowledge that every tubercular person may be a source of actual danger to his associates if the discharges from the lungs are not immediately destroyed or rendered harmless; and, 3. The careful disinfection of rooms and hospital wards that are occupied or have be'en occupied by phthisical patients.
Page 177 - It is not in accord with the interests of the public or the honor of the profession that any physician or medical teacher should examine or sign diplomas or certificates of proficiency for, or otherwise be specially concerned with, the graduation of persons whom they have good reason to believe intend to support and practice any exclusive and irregular system of medicine.
Page 527 - That it is not directly inherited; and 3. That it is acquired by the direct transmission of the tubercle bacillus from the sick to the healthy, usually by means of the dried and pulverized sputum floating as dust in the air. The measures then, which are suggested for the prevention of the spread of tuberculosis are: 1.
Page 9 - THE physician's highest and only calling is to restore health to the sick, which is called Healing.
Page 307 - ... and large gurgling rales decreasing progressively until they gave place to mere blowing respiration. These changes were evidently due to the drying up of the cavities, in consequence of which the hectic present in many of the cases vanished, the patients increasing considerably in weight and gaining strength in a remarkable manner. The percussion signs were not found to undergo so marked a change as those dependent on auscultation, but even here some improvement could be detected. No bacteriological...
Page 532 - The cases are such as have been debilitated from long-continued and profuse menstruation, or from loss of blood at other than menstrual periods where the uterus is heavily congested, a condition common to these patients. In these it acts well.
Page 301 - It will be fatal to freedom and progress in opinion and practice. On the other hand, nothing will so stimulate the healthy growth of the profession, both in scientific strength and in the honorable estimation of the public, as the universal and sincere adoption of a platform which shall recognize and guarantee: 1. A truly fraternal good-will and fellowship among all who devote themselves to the care of the sick.
Page 301 - ... course of treatment. No tests of orthodoxy in medical practice should be applied to limit the freedom of consultations. Medicine is a progressive science. Its history shows that what is heresy in one century may, and probably will, be orthodoxy in the next. No greater misfortune can befall the medical profession than the action of an influential association or academy establishing a creed or standard of orthodoxy or "regularity.
Page 137 - ... age or country. I almost tremble at the thoughts of the undertaking. Yet, if the good people think proper to elevate me, at the proper time, to the highest office in their gift, I will feel bound to serve them, if not from inclination, from a principle of duty ; and will do so honestly and faithfully to the best of my ability, in accordance with the principles of the Constitution, as near as I can do so, as it was construed and acted on by our first Presidents, two of whom, at least, acted so...
Page 177 - ... who may wish to begin the same in the State, except as hereinafter provided, shall make application to said board to be registered and to be furnished a certificate of such registration.

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