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Authorizing The First National Bank of Omaha, Nebraska, to increase its capital stock.

Approved January 10, 1885.

Authorizing The National Bank of Bloomington, Illinois, to change its name to The First National Bank of Bloomington, Illinois.

Approved January 27, 1885.

Authorizing The Manufacturers' National Bank of New York to change its name to The Manufacturers' National Bank of Brooklyn, New York.

Approved February 20, 1885.

Authorizing The Commercial National Bank of Chicago, Illinois, to increase its capital stock.

Approved February 28, 1885.

Authorizing The First National Bank of Larned, Kansas, to increase its capital stock.

Approved March 3, 1885.



Acknowledgment of organization certificate..

dct, may be amended...

May be altered or repealed

Administrators holding stock, not personally liable

May act and sign.............

Advertisement. (See Publication.)

Advertisements in imitation of circulating notes, penalty for...

For witnessing the destruction of mutilated notes..

[blocks in formation]

Agent, of association to examine, annually, bonds deposited

For redemption of circulating notes, where to be selected..

Special, to examine bank under protest ...

Of closed bank forbidden to re-issue its circulating notes

Elected by stockholders of insolvent bank..

May receive assets

[blocks in formation]

Of association not to certify checks except against actual deposits..

[blocks in formation]

May sell assets...

May distribute proceeds...

Aiding or abetting misdemeanor of officers of association..
Allotment of shares of stock...

Altered circulating notes, penalty for making or passing.
Purchase, sale, receipt, or delivery of, penalty for...
Amendment, of various sections of the Revised Statutes...
Of provisions fixing compensation of bank examiners..
Of provisions relative to stamps on bank checks
Annual report, of Comptroller to Congress, contents of
When may be printed

Appointment, of Comptroller
Of Deputy Comptroller..

[blocks in formation]

Of officers of associations..

[blocks in formation]

Of directors of associations..



Of special commission to examine bank before commencing business.
Of directors, in case of vacancy

[blocks in formation]

Articles of association, contents of, and how made

Copy of, to be transmitted to Comptroller.....

Not to be changed to the detriment of existing creditors..
Of converted State bank.



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Assessment, upon shareholders to pay deficiency in capital stock.
Of penalty for failure to make reports to Comptroller
Of duties upon circulation, deposits, and capital.....
Of taxes by State authority on shares of associations..
Upon association for compensation of examiner

Upon association for reimbursement of cost of redeeming notes..
Assessors of State taxes may inspect list of shareholders...
Assets of closed associations, by whom to be reported....
United States to have a paramount lien upon..

Disposition of, by receiver

Surplus of, remaining after settlement of claims, disposition of .

[blocks in formation]

Assets of failed bank..........

May be turned over to agent


3 64

To be sold by agent.............

How distributed..

May be protected by purchase out of trust funds on deposit with
Treasurer U. S..

Assignment, of bonds. (See Transfer.)

Of assets of association, after act of insolvency, void
Executed and sealed by Comptroller, to be evidence..

Assistant treasurers, to forward mutilated notes to Treasurer

To forward notes of closed banks and notes to be withdrawn.... Associations defined

Association. (See National banking association.)

Attachment not to issue from State court before final judgment.....
Auction, sale at, of stock of delinquent shareholder

[blocks in formation]
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[blocks in formation]

Of bonds of association for failure to withdraw circulation..
Of stock taken by association for debt....

[blocks in formation]

Of bonds of closed bank for failure to deposit lawful money.
Of bonds of associations under protest



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Authority to commence business. (See Certificate of authority.)

[blocks in formation]

Commissioner may prescribe mode of cancellation..
Amendment relative to stamp tax upon.............

May be subsequently stamped before judge of court of record.
Bank checks, repeal of conflicting laws relative to stamp upon

[blocks in formation]

May, in certain cases, be subsequently stamped without penalty Bank-note paper, penalty for having, unlawfully....

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Par. Page.

Bond, official, of Comptroller.
Of Deputy Comptroller....

Of receiver

To be given by shareholders .....

Bonds deposited with Treasurer, by public depositaries........

By association before commencing business, description of.............

[blocks in formation]

Not to be less than $30,000, nor less than one-third of capital
Increase of, on increase of capital

[blocks in formation]

Withdrawal of, on return of circulating notes..



May not be reduced by withdrawal below one-third of capital.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

May be returned to association on surrender of circulating notes....

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Interest on, withheld for failure to pay up capital stock...





[blocks in formation]

Interest on, withheld for failure to make reports to Comptroller
Interest on, withheld for failure to report circulation and deposits..
Interest on, withheld for failure to pay tax on circulation and de-

[blocks in formation]

Reassignment of, to closed association

Of closed banks, may be sold for failure to deposit lawful money.
Forfeiture of, for failure to redeem circulating notes
Cancellation of, upon failure to redeem circulating notes.
Sale of, at auction, for failure to redeem circulating notes
Sale of, at private sale, for failure to redeem circulating notes
Sale of, not complete until transfer is made.

[blocks in formation]

May be withdrawn upon deposit of lawful money in sums of $9,000..
Not to be reduced by withdrawal below $50,000...

[blocks in formation]

To be returned to banks from which circulation is withdrawn

[blocks in formation]

Extended, may be exchanged.

Circulation not to exceed 90 per cent. of par value of

Bonds of United States, defined.

[blocks in formation]

Not taxable under State, municipal, or local authority.
May be issued by Secretary to provide for coin redemption

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Books of Comptroller and Treasurer to be accessible to each officer
Bureau of Comptroller of Currency established



[blocks in formation]

Par. Page.

Burning, of mutilated notes by Comptroller...

Of notes of closed association by Treasurer

Of circulating notes retired by deposit of lawful money.
Maceration to be substituted for....

Business, place of, to appear in organization certificate

[blocks in formation]

Association not to transact, until authorized by Comptrolier....
Not authorized to commence, until half of capital is paid in
When association may be authorized to commence.
When authority to commence, may be withheld..
Directors to be elected before commencing.....
Association to deposit bonds before commencing
Circulating notes payable on demand at place of

[blocks in formation]

To be conducted at place specified in organization certificate
Not to be prosecuted by bank after protest of circulating notes.
Business paper, when discount of, not deemed money borrowed...
By-laws of association

[blocks in formation]


Cancellation, of stock of delinquent shareholders

Of coupon bonds received and issue of registered bonds...
Of bonds forfeited for non-payment of circulating notes.
Of circulating notes redeemed by Treasurer....

Of stamps on bank checks

Method of, for stamps prescribed by Commissioner. Of stamps subsequently affixed to bank checks Capital stock, minimum amount of, for associations.. Value and transfer of shares of...

[blocks in formation]

Shares of, to be deemed personal property

When to be paid in and how certified..

[blocks in formation]

Of delinquent shareholders may be sold by association

If reduced below minimum must be increased, or receiver appointed.
How increased...................

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

In other banks, when may be held by converted State bank
Bonds deposited to be not less than one-third of..

[blocks in formation]

If increased, bonds deposited to be increased..



If reduced, bonds may be withdrawn on return of circulation.
Bonds deposited not to be reduced below one-third of .
Maximum ratio to, of circulation issued

[blocks in formation]

Money borrowed by any person or firm limited to one-tenth of..
Loans on, and purchase of, by association forbidden...
If taken for debt, to be sold, or receiver appointed..
Indebtedness of association, limit to excess of.....

[blocks in formation]

Creation or increase of, by use of circulating notes forbidden..
Withdrawal of, in dividends or otherwise, prohibited

[blocks in formation]

Report of average amount of, to Treasurer.

Tax upon, how collected if association fails to pay

If impaired or deficient, to be made good, or receiver appointed
United States tax upon..

Treasurer to estimate, if association fails to report.

Of savings banks in District of Columbia.

[blocks in formation]
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